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LANC Remote Controller - The ProZoom™ 2

The Professional LANC Remote Controller Featuring a Numeric Zoom Speed Indicator.

Works with Sony, Canon and select JVC Video Cameras that have a LANC jack.
This will not work on the Blackmagic cameras.

Variable Zoom Control, Focus Control, Record Start/Pause,
Plus - Camera Power Up/Down Functions, Manual/Auto Focus Toggle, Display On/Off
FAQ and Zoom Controller Function Information Page.

Lanc Remote Controller - ProZoom 2

ProZoom 2 - LANC Remote Controller
Special -- $139.95

Item # PZC2


Lanc Remote Menu

The ProZoom™ 2 Lanc Remote Controller is a professional digital zoom controller (also known as a LANC Controller or LANC Controls), that has been professionally engineered and microprocessor built to provide you with a precision LANC camera remote and the ability to achieve super smooth zoom speeds every time.

No more having to reach around your camera to zoom in or out, or to change the focus or to stop or start the video recording. Simply plug the LANC remote zoom controller into the LANC jack that is found on most Canon, Sony and select JVC  video cameras and you are ready to take control of you camera.

The ProZoom™ 2 LANC remote controller offers you a numeric zoom speed indicator, so you don't have to guess at what zoom speed you are set for.  This way you will know precisely what zoom speed you are set for, so it's easy to remember your favorite speed settings.  Another great thing about having a numeric zoom speed indicator, is it allows you to record the zoom speed in a shot log.  This way if you have to recreate the shot, you will know exactly what speed you used during the zoom.

Our LANC remote controller features silent push button controls are laid out in a logically manner, with the most commonly used zoom in/out buttons placed closest to your thumb.

With the ProZoom™ 2 LANC remote controller you'll have the ability to control the zoom in/out function, the zoom speed, the camera's focus, record/pause and you'll have the ability to power the camera up or down, allowing you to save on battery power. Plus, we provide two LED's so you'll know the status of your camera at all times. One LED indicates if the camera is powered on and the other to indicate when you are recording.

This feature can be helpful when you are using an external LCD Monitor, as some video cameras do not display on the external monitor if you are recording or not.  This is particularly important for those who are shooting end-zone videos, since the video camera is up in the air and the monitor is down at ground level.

The ProZoom™ 2 Digital Zoom Controller can be securely mounted to your tripod arm, jib arm or most camera shoulder braces.

Installation is simple, turn the power off to the video camera and plug the ProZoom™ 2 LANC controller into the LANC or Control-L jack on your video camera.  Power the video camera on and you're ready to use your LANC remote  controller.

Unlike others, we didn't skimp on quality when building our LANC controller. We used only professional grade components, along with heavy duty switches, to give you years of reliability.

The Controls on the ProZoom 2 LANC Remote Controller:

  • Two buttons control the camera's zoom function.
  • Two buttons control the camera's focus.
  • The red button is the record button.
  • On top are two small buttons, with the variable zoom speed indicator, to control the zoom speed.
  • There are two buttons that are used for powering up and powering down the camcorder. (Older Hi-8 cameras do not support this function)
  • Focus A/M button allows you to toggle between manual and auto focus*. (Works only on cameras that support this function through the LANC port)
  • Display On/Off button turns on and off most info on the cameras flip out LCD screen*. (Works only on cameras that support this function through the LANC port)

*NOTE: Not all cameras will support the Auto/Manual Focus Toggle and the Display On/Off functions. You can read the FAQ and Zoom Controller Function Information Page for more information.

The ProZoom™ 2 LANC Remote Controller Features:

  • Quality Craftsmanship - For years of service.
  • Remote Control of the Zoom
  • Variable Zoom Speed
  • Numeric Speed Indicator
  • Remote Control of the Focus
  • Remote Control of the Pause/Record Function
  • Toggle camera's LCD display data on/off*
  • Remote Control of Manual/Auto Focus toggle*
  • LED's for camera power and record mode
  • Colored Function Controls
  • Mounts on Tripod arm with our locking clamp
  • Sloped panel for easy one touch control
  • 60" cable
  • All metal box, 2" x 3" x 1 1/2"
  • Camera Power Up/Power Down function allows you to save on battery power
  • Works with Sony and Canon Camcorders
  • Made In the USA
  • 1 Year Warranty

* Works only on cameras that support this function through the LANC port.

LANC Remote Controller Button Controls ProZoom

Each ProZoom™ LANC Remote Controller featuresa Quick Release Clamp.

Lanc Zoom Controller Bottom ViewLanc Zoom Controller Quick Release

The Quick Release Clamp allows you to quickly and easily remove and install the ProZoom LANC Remote Zoom Controller on to a tripod arm, jib arm, camera shoulder brace or other video camera support equipment, without having to disassemble to clamp.

ProZoom Lanc Remote Controller
LANC Remote Controller mounted on a shoulder brace
The lanc remote zoom controller is shown mounted on a Shoulder Brace handle.

Lanc Controller mounted on a handle
Close-up of the ProZoom™ LANC zoom controller mount
on a shoulder brace handle.

The LANC Remote Controller plugs into the standard LANC 2.5 mm jack found on most Sony, Canon and select JVC video cameras.

Lanc Controller Port

"If you have a newer Sony video camera that has the "D" A/V connector, as shown below

Lanc Port

you will need an adapter cable, found on this page to connect a Lanc Zoom Controller to your camera.

JVC has added LANC control to the following video cameras:
JVC GY-HM300 **
JVC-GY-HM850 **

** Lens control with the GY-LS300, GY-HM850 and GY-HM890 video cameras will depend on the lens being used. Some functions may not be controllable.

LANC Extension Cables
The Lanc controller comes with a built-in 3ft. cable, however there are times when you may need a longer cable, like when you have your camera on a jib arm, so we now have LANC data extension cables. They work any LANC zoom controller.

Lanc Extension Cable

18 Inch LANC Ext. Cable -- $5.95
Item # LANC18
6ft LANC Extension Cable -- $10.95
Item # Lanc6
12ft LANC Extension Cable -- $15.95
Item # Lanc12
25ft LANC Extension Cable -- $19.95
Item # Lanc25
50ft LANC Extension Cable -- $34.95
Item # Lanc50
100ft LANC Extension Cable -- $49.95
Item # Lanc100

USA Made

Studio 1 Productions Customers

The ProZoom™ LANC Remote Controller is used worldwide by videographers, news crews, DV filmmakers and others.  In fact we had numerous cameramen using the ProZoom™ and our shoulder braces during the war in Iraq and the crews loved them.  They are that good.

Customer Comments:
"Just picked up your ProZoom 2 and the Lanc adapter cable.  I must say everything works perfectly.  Thanks for provided great quality products that work."  Jason McComb

"Here are my comments on the ProZoom 2 zoom controller.  Solid, Reliable, Fantastic Design, Great Price, Nice Size, Perfect Positioning of the Control Buttons, Silent Push Buttons. It's just great."  Andrew Altman

"Having been using the ProZoom zoom controller for the last few months and I had to write to tell you what a great product this is. I am working on a documentary shooting with the Sony Z1U and need a rock solid zoom controller. After looking around I went with your zoom controller and have been very pleased. I really like the sloped panel design, it allows easy access to the controls. I am looking forward to doing business with you again in the near future."
Tony Sutherland, Seattle WA

"Anyone who wants real professional controls for their camera needs to get the Digital Zoom Controller. I just finished writing an article for a e-zine about camera accessories and I want to thank you for having the design intelligence as to put the zoom buttons as the first buttons your thumb hits. The way you adjust the zoom speed, with the speed indicator is absolutely brilliant. The push buttons controls are quiet and solid. I really am impressed with the zoom controller. I will be sure to recommend it to others." Martin T Beal, Austin, Tx

"I was shopping around for a zoom controller and I ended up buying a cheap zoom controller, boy was I disappointed. Then I saw your Digital Zoom Controller in Videomaker magazine and decide to give it a try. Your zoom controller is prefect! I really like the numbered zoom speed switch and how with a push of a button I can go from the slowest speed to the fastest zoom speed if I need to. I have found this feature indispensable. I also like how the zoom speed locks in, so you can't accidentally change the speed. while you are zooming. The push buttons have a good solid feel to them and it mounts solidly on the tripod arm. As a side note, I just got in your Shoulder Brace and XLR-BP. The zoom controller fits nicely on the shoulder brace and it a nice addition. After testing out the XLR-BP Pro, I am equally pleased with it. It is well made, with the placement of the controls and switches are well thought out. The sound quality is great, with no noise. I highly recommend your products to anyone who is serious about videography." Warren Butler, Internet Email

"I love the Digital Zoom Controller! It makes shooting from a tripod so much easier. I really like being able to power up and down the camera when I need to, as this saves wear and tear on the video heads, tape and it saves on the battery life. I like the sloped panel design and the button size and layout couldn't be better. Thanks for a great product." Michelle Lipco, Dallas, TX

"I am very impressed with your Digital Zoom Controller. I own a Sony VX-2000 and a Canon GL-1 and it works great with both cameras. I found that having the controls on a slope makes it so much easier to reach the control buttons. Another thing I want to thank you for is using buttons that are just the right size. I've tried another brand controller and the buttons are so small that is makes it hard to operate. Once again, thanks for a fine product." Donald C Williams, Seattle, Wa.

"The Digital Zoom Controller is an AWESOME product!! We are using it in replace of a more expensive controller that we have. The controls are better placed and easier to operate. I really like the fact that the zoom speeds are fixed. We had too many problems with other controller, we found it was too easy to accidentally bump the controls and change the zoom speed in the middle of a shot. Thanks for a great lanc controller and at a great price too." Michael Stanfield, Los Angeles, CA

"Now that I own 3 of your Digital Zoom Controllers, I wanted to let you know how please I am with them. I am using them on two Canon XL-1s and a GL-1, they work perfectly. It was nice to see that they are well built and the button placement if perfect. " TJ Sutter, Internet

"This past week we have been working on a documentary for PBS. We shot it using 4 of the Sony PD-150's and we used two of your DZC controllers to control the cameras that were mounted on a tripod and a jib arm. The controllers mounted nicely on our tripods and jib. We found the controls where easy to reach with our thumbs and they were comfortable to use. With that said, I would like to order 2 more DZC Zoom controllers. I will definitely recommend your zoom controller to others." Paul Whiting, GBC Inc.

"Just dropping you a line and letting you know that I am very pleased with my Zoom Controller. I have it mounted the Shoulder brace that I got from you. It makes the camera so much easier to operate. I've also used it to operate a remote camera. You were correct, there was no problem running 100 ft. of LANC cable with your Zoom Controller. I will be contacting you shortly to get another one, so I can leave it permanently mounted on the shoulder brace. Keep up the great work." Jose Martinez, Miami, FL

ProZoom™ is a trademark of Studio 1 Productions.
"The Advanced Digital Zoom Controller" is a
service mark of Studio 1 Productions.

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