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LANC Remote Zoom Controller - The ProZoom™ 1

A Professional LANC Zoom Controller with Numeric Zoom Speed Indicator.

Works with Sony, Canon and select JVC Video Cameras that have a LANC jack.
This will not work with Blackmagic Cameras.

FAQ and Zoom Controller Function Information Page.

Lanc Zoom Controller Studio 1 Productions

ProZoom 1 LANC Zoom Controller
Sale -- $99.95

Item # PZC1


Lanc Remote Menu

The ProZoom™ 1 LANC Zoom Controller is a basic zoom controller giving you controls for recording, zooming, focus and variable zoom speed.

As with our other zoom controllers, the ProZoom 1™ is a professional grade LANC zoom controller (aka LANC Controller or LANC Controls), that has been professionally engineered and built with a microprocessor to provide you with a precision LANC zoom controller for use with Sony, Canon and select JVC video cameras.

The ProZoom™ 1 LANC camera remote gives you the ability to achieve super smooth zoom speeds every time.  By using a LANC remote controller you don't have to reach around your camera to zoom in or out, or to change the focus or to stop or start the video recording.

When you don't use a LANC Zoom Controller you always run the risk of bumping or causing slight camera movement when zooming, changing the focus or switching from record to pause.

Using the LANC Zoom Controller is easy.  Simply power off the camcorder.  Next, plug the LANC zoom controller into the LANC jack that is found on most Canon,  Sony and select JVC video cameras.  Then power up the camera and you are ready to use the LANC controller.

On our LANC Zoom Controllers, there are LED lights to indicate if the camera is powered on and if you are in the record mode and recording.

The ProZoom™ 1 LANC zoom controller offers you a numeric zoom speed indicator, this way you know exactly what zoom speed your are set for.  This takes the guess work out setting your zoom speed.  This is a huge bonus if you are using a shot log, as it allows you to record the exact zoom speed you used during that particular shot.

The LANC zoom controller features silent push button controls.  The control buttons are laid out in a logically manner, with the most commonly used zoom in/out buttons placed closest to your thumb for easy access.

With the ProZoom™ 1 Lanc zoom controller you will be able to control your video camera's zoom in and out function, the camera's zoom speed, the camera's focus and record / pause function. In addition, we have provide two LED's, one to show the camera is powered on and the other to show you if you are recording.

Having LED indicator lights is important to most videographers, especially if your camera is mounted out of reach, such as on a jib arm or end-zone camera system and you are using an external LCD monitor.  The reason is, not all video cameras will display if the camera is recording or no on a external LCD monitor.  By having the LED indicator lights right on the LANC zoom controller, you will know if the camera if powered on and if you are recording or not.

Our LANC Zoom Controller mounts securely on tripod arms, a jib arm, most camera shoulder braces and anywhere you have a round pole to mount on.

Unlike others, we didn't skimp on quality when building our LANC zoom controller. We use only high quality, pro grade components through out, along with heavy duty push button switches to give you years of reliability.

You can read the FAQ and LANC Zoom Controller Function Information Page for more information.

The Controls on the Pro Zoom LANC Zoom Controller:

  • Two buttons control the camera's zoom function.
  • Two buttons control the camera's focus.
  • The red button is the record button.
  • On top are two small buttons, with the variable zoom speed indicator, to control the zoom speed.

The ProZoom™  LANC Controller Features:

  • Quality Craftsmanship - For years of service.
  • Remote Control of the Zoom
  • Variable Zoom Speed
  • Numeric Speed Indicator
  • Remote Control of the Focus
  • Remote Control of the Pause/Record Function
  • LED's for camera power and record mode
  • Colored Function Controls
  • Mounts on Tripod arm with our locking clamp
  • Sloped panel for easy one touch control
  • 60" cable
  • All metal box, 2" x 3" x 1 1/2"
  • Works with Sony and Canon Camcorders
  • Made In the USA
  • 1 Year Warranty

 Lanc Remote Controller ProZoom

Each ProZoom™ zoom controller feature
a Quick Release Clamp.

Lanc Zoom ControllerLanc Zoom Controller

The Quick Release Clamp allows you to quickly and easily remove and install the ProZoom Digital LANC Zoom Controller on to a tripod arm, jib arm, camera shoulder brace or other video camera support equipment, without having to disassemble to clamp.

ProZoom Lanc Controller
ProZoom Lanc Controller

The ProZoom LANC zoom controller is shown mounted on a shoulder brace. Shoulder Brace Sold Separately.

ProZoom Lanc Remote Controller
Close-up of the ProZoom™ LANC zoom controller mounted on the handle of a shoulder brace.

The LANC Remote Controller plugs into the standard LANC 2.5 mm jack found on most Sony, Canon and select JVC video cameras.

Lanc Controller Port

"If you have a newer Sony video camera that has the "D" A/V connector, as shown below

Lanc Port

you will need an adapter cable, found on this page to connect a LANC Zoom Controller to your camera.

JVC has added LANC control to the following video cameras:
JVC GY-HM300 **
JVC-GY-HM850 **

** Lens control with the GY-LS300, GY-HM850 and GY-HM890 video cameras will depend on the lens being used. Some functions may not be controllable.

LANC Extension Cables
The LANC controller comes with a built-in 3ft. cable, however there are times when you may need a longer cable, like when you have your camera on a jib arm, so we now have LANC data extension cables. They work any LANC zoom controller.

Lanc Extension Cable

18 Inch LANC Ext. Cable -- $5.95
Item # LANC18
6ft LANC Extension Cable -- $10.95
Item # Lanc6
12ft LANC Extension Cable -- $15.95
Item # Lanc12
25ft LANC Extension Cable -- $19.95
Item # Lanc25
50ft LANC Extension Cable -- $34.95
Item # Lanc50
100ft LANC Extension Cable -- $49.95
Item # Lanc100

USA Made

Studio 1 Productions Inc Customers

Customer Comments:
"My ProZoom 1 is one of my best buys.  It has traveled around the world with me shooting HD stock footage for the last year and a half and it has never failed me.  I really like the layout of the buttons.  They are arranged so you don't need to look at them when using the ProZoom.  I have recommended it to several other videographers in the countries I have visited."  Dale Leigh

"Anyone who wants real professional controls for their camera needs to get the Digital Zoom Controller. I just finished writing an article for a e-zine about camera accessories and I want to thank you for having the design intelligence as to put the zoom buttons as the first buttons your thumb hits. The way you adjust the zoom speed, with the speed indicator is absolutely brilliant. The push buttons controls are quiet and solid. I really am impressed with the zoom controller. I will be sure to recommend it to others." Martin T Beal, Austin, Tx

"I saw your ProZoom 1 was on sale, so I picked it up for use with the SkyPod that I had purchased from you.  It's a nice addition to the equipment I have.  It really make controlling the camera easier when I have it mounted on the SkyPod.  I am impressed at how well made the device is.  I am sure I will get many years of service from it"  Arnie Shore, VT.

"After looking around a different LANC controllers I went with you ProZoom 1 for use with an end-zone camera rig that I built myself.  When the camera is mounted on the end-zone rig the camera is 20 ft. in the air making it impossible to control.  For me the ProZoom 1 is perfect as I can tell if the camera is recording or not.  I didn't need the ProZoom 2 with the power control buttons, because I keep the camera running until half time.  Then I lower the end-zone rig, change out the media card and put in a fresh battery.  As soon as half time is done, I power on the camera, raise the end-zone rig and start recording.  So far when any asks about my end-zone system, I always make sure I show them the ProZoom 1 lanc controller."  Dan Longhorn, Santa Fe, NM.

"After using theLANC controller you sold me in a couple of wedding, I had to write to thank you for recommending the LANC controller to me. (She got the ProZoom 1).  It works great and makes zooming in much for easier for me."  Kay Fisher, Moore, OK.

"I am using a Sony HDR-Z1u video camera with you ProZoom.  As you probably already know, it works great with this camera.  I like the fact that I can select a zoom speed and know that it will hold that speed all the way through the shot.  This is something you can't do with other LANC controllers that have a rock for the zoom speed.  I found they were so sensitive that the slightest pressure change on the rocker, the zoom speed would change.  That's not a good thing if you are trying to use the same zoom speed for the shot.  I like the quick release setup you have.  It makes it easy to put on and take off a tripod arm.  Glad to see it is Made in America too."  Neil Putnam, Pierre, SD.

ProZoom™ is a trademark of Studio 1 Productions. Pro LANC Remote Zoom Controller for Sony, JVC and Canon Video Camera

"The Advanced Digital Zoom Controller" is a service mark of Studio 1 Productions.

1 Year Warranty, 20 Day Return Policy