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LANC Remote Controller Menu

Professional and Consumer LANC Controllers for Sony, Canon and Select JVC Video Cameras
And Zoom Controllers for Panasonic Video Cameras

JVC has added LANC control to the following video cameras:
JVC GY-HM300 **
JVC-GY-HM850 **

** Lens control with the GY-LS300, GY-HM850 and GY-HM890 video cameras will depend on the lens being used. Some functions may not be controllable.

When building our ProZoom digital zoom controllers we use only professional grade components, along with heavy duty switches, to give you years of reliability. Our LANC zoom controller are used worldwide by videographers, news crews, filmmakers and others.

We have had numerous cameramen using our LANC zoom controllers and our video camera shoulder braces, among other video equipment from Studio 1 Productions, during the war in Iraq. They are that good!

For those of you who have Sony, Canon and select JVC video cameras and camcorders, you will use the LANC controllers we have above.  The ProZoom 1 and ProZoom 2 from Studio 1 Productions are professional grade LANC Controllers.

For videographers with Panasonic video cameras, you will use the Panasonic Zoom Controller.  Please make sure your Panasonic video camera has remote jacks.

If you are shooting with a DSLR camera, it doesn't matter what model, we have Zoom Levers and Focus Levers that are ideal for DSLR camera lenses.

Our LANC Controllers, the ProZoom 1 and ProZoom 2 and the Panasonic Zoom Controller are made by Studio 1 Productions.  They are Made in the USA, in Florida.

A popular feature on the ProZoom LANC Remote Controllers is they have LED indicator lights that tell you if the camera if powered on or off, and if your are recording or not.  This is an important feature for videographers using end-zone cameras and jib arms, as not all video cameras and camcorders will display on an external LCD monitor if they are recording or not.

If you have a Sony camcorder, the small handheld type, depending on the model, you may need a LANC Adapter Cable.  This cable will go from a 10 pin "D" type connection to a 2.5mm LANC jack.  We sell several different types of the LANC Adapter Cable.


ProZoom™ is a trademark of Studio 1 Productions. "The Advanced Digital Zoom Controller" is a service mark of Studio 1 Productions.