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Zoom Controller for Panasonic Cameras
Panasonic Zoom Controller

Panasonic Zoom Controller
For Panasonic Video Cameras that support remote control.

Check to make sure your Panasonic camera has the Remote Jacks as shownon this page, before you order the Panasonic Zoom/Focus controller.

Zoom Controller for Panasonic Video Cameras
On Sale - $119.95
Item # PZCPAN1


Our Zoom Controller for Panasonic video cameras, the Panasonic Prozoom, features larger control knobs, allow you to have a finer, more precise control over the zoom speed and focus control.

Our Panasonic Zoom Controller allows you to control the zoom, focus, iris and the record/pause.

As long as your Panasonic camera has the jacks for Focus/Iris and Zoom/SS as shown above on the right, our Panasonic Zoom Controller will work with your video camera.

We built the Panasonic ProZoom using only the highest quality components and heavy duty push button switches and high end potentiometers to ensure precise control of your video camera.

The ProZoom Zoom Controllers are used by HD & DV film makers both in the field and in the studio and by videographers all across the country and internationally.

You can read on our blog, a customer review that was posted on

All models of the ProZoom™ zoom controller feature a Quick Release Clamp.

ProZoom Panasonic Zoom ControllerQuick Release on the Panasonic Zoom Controller

The Quick Release Clamp allows you to quickly and easily remove and install the Panasonic Zoom Controller on to a tripod arm, jib arm, camera shoulder brace or other video camera support equipment.

USA Made

NOTE: Check your Panasonic Video Camera to make sure it has the proper Remote Jacks before you order the Zoom/Focus Controller.

If your Panasonic Video Camera has the Focus/Iris and the Zoom/SS jacks like shown below, then our Panasonic Zoom Controller will work with your video camera.  Note: On some video cameras it may be marked Cam/Rec or something similar.

Pansonic Zoom Controller

The Panasonic ProZoom Zoom and Focus Controller Features:

  • Record/Pause
  • Large Zoom Control Knob for a Smooth Zoom Control
  • Large Focus Control Knob for a Smooth Focus Control
  • Switchable Auto Focus and Manual Focus Mode
  • Iris Control with Larger Knob for a more precise adjustment
  • Switchable Auto Iris and Manual Iris Mode
  • Focus Mode Selection
  • Focus Control
  • 18" Cable
  • The Zoom Controller Box itself is 2.5" x 3" x 1"  Not including Knobs
  • Made In The USA, in Florida

Extension Cables for the Panasonic Zoom / Focus Controller

Panasonic Extension Cables

6 ft. Panasonic Extension Cable Set -- $14.95
Item # Pan6

12 ft. Panasonic Extension Cable Set -- $21.95
Item # Pan12

25 ft. Panasonic Extension Cable Set -- $29.95
Item # Pan25


1 Year Warranty, 20 Day Return Policy.

ProZoom™ are trademarks of Studio 1 Productions. "The Professional Digital Zoom Controllers" is a service mark of Studio 1 Productions.

Customer Comments:

You can read on our blog, a customer review that was posted on

"Your price on the Panasonic Zoom Controller is unbelievable!  I ordered one as soon as I saw it online.  I guess you don't need me to tell you that it works great, but I will.  It works great!  I don't know if you are making any money at this price or not, but I am going to order another one for my wife's camera today."  Josh Hane, Franklin, TN. Email

"I use Panasonic HMC-40 and HMC-150 video cameras and I was very happy to see your zoom controllers for Panasonic video camera.  I ordered two of them from you and they arrive in just 2 days.  I have been using them for over a month now and I must say I really, really like them.  One thing I do, is I mount them the zoom control is on the side and the iris now is on the top.  The reason for this is, I found I can hold the tripod arm with my hand, this allows me to use my thumb to roll the zoom knob.  I am really pleased with my purchase and the price on these are the best I could find."  Klye Crosby, Saint Albert, Alberta, Canada

"I recently bought a Prozoom for Panasonic controller from you after reading about it on the DV Info website. I want you to know how impressive I find the unit. It does everything I need and the price was more than reasonable. Thanks again for a great piece of gear. "  Phil Kindred, Emailed

"I received the Prozoom for the Panasonic video cameras a few days ago.  I love it!  It works great and like you said, it does allow for better control over the focus and zoom with the larger knobs.  It is built well and the price... What can I say but, the price is amazing."  Tim Hoffman, Internet Email

"I have been using the ProZoom Panasonic for the couple of weeks.  It's an awesome zoom & focus controller.  I really like the large knobs on the focus and zoom controls.  The Iris knob is just fine too.  I like the shorter 18" cables that you switched to, although I can see I may need a set of extension cable for my jib.  Great product and a fantastic price."  Jon Hardy, Chicago, Il.