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XLR Audio Adapter Menu Page

With a Studio 1 Productions XLR Audio Adapter you can connect to professional microphones
and pro audio equipment for the best audio possible.

Now you can add XLR audio inputs to your camcorder, video camera or DSLR camera.

Our XLR Adapters can be used with pretty much any device with a 1/8 inch microphone input jack.  This includes digital audio recorders, DAT, mini disc recorders and more.  We even have had customers use our XLR Audio Adapters with their computers, so they can use use high quality microphones with XLR connection when recording audio with their computer.  They plug the 1/8 inch plug on the XLR audio adapter into the computers microphone jack and then plug in a microphone or other audio device with a XLR connection into the XLR adapter.  You can use the XLR Adapter Cable or to control the audio levels easier than using the computer's audio input controls, you can use one of our XLR Audio Adapters that have audio level controls.

Depending on the XLR Audio Adapter model, we offer XLR Adapters with 2 or 3 audio inputs.  Each XLR Audio Adapter is built using pro grade components and feature locking XLR connectors.

All Studio 1 Productions XLR Audio Adapters are Made in the USA, right here in Florida.

XLR Adapter Feature Chart

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XLR Adapter for DSLR Cameras and Camcorders

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