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The XLR-MIX™ Pro

Expand the Audio Input Capabilities of Your Video Camera
(For use with professional video camera that already have built-in XLR audio connections)

XLR Mix Proffessional
Your camera MUST have an XLR input
to use this device.

XLR-Mix Pro -- Special -- $149.95
Item # XLRMixP


XLR Adapter Menu

Videographers and major network crews worked with us when designing our new XLR Adapter for cameras that have XLR inputs. We listened to their concerns and needs for audio flexibility. The result is the full featured XLR-Mix™ Pro. The XLR-Mix Pro works with any video camera or camcorder that ALREADY has built in XLR inputs.

The XLR-MIX™ Pro allows you to expand your audio input capabilities. The XLR-Mix Pro features 2 XLR audio inputs and two 1/8" audio inputs. You can use any 3 inputs and have them mix to a single XLR output.

In addition, you'll still have the other XLR input that is built-in to the camera, so you now use a total of 4 audio inputs in your video production.

One of the feature that wedding and event videographers asked us for, was a way to still use their wireless microphone systems that have a 1/8" output plug. (Example, some of the wireless mic systems such as the Azden 100LT or Sennheiser EW100 series output to a 1/8" plug). We designed the XLR-Mix™ Pro with two 1/8" jacks for this reason.

Here are your audio input choices:

  • Input 1 is an XLR audio input
  • Input 2 you can use either an XLR input or 1/8" input
  • Input 3 is a 1/8" audio input
  • Input 1 and 2 have separate Mic/Line level switches, while input 3 is for mix level only. Each of the 3 input channels has it's own audio level control.

The XLR-Mix™ Pro mixer also features a Ground Lift switch, to eliminate any ground loop hum problems you may encounter when plugging into an audio mixing board.

The output connection is via the male XLR jack.

Our audio quality is the best. We use custom transformers for better frequency response and our XLR adapters do not suffer from insertion loss and high frequency cutoff as other XLR adapters do.

All of our XLR adapter cases, including the XLR-MIX PRO™ case, is shielded against both EMI & RFI interference. Only our XLR adapters that provides this level of shielding and meets military specs. Our XLR adapter case provides total shielding to the entire circuit inside. In addition, each custom transformer is also properly wrapped multiple times with an EMI & RFI shielding material for superior shielding.

Each XLR adapter is built using only pro grade audio transformers, audio pots, switches and components. All components are circuit board mounted. The result is an XLR adapter with superior audio performance and extremely quiet operation.

We use Neutrik locking XLR connectors. This prevents the XLR cables from pulling out of the XLR audio adapter.

ONLY for Video Cameras that ALREADY HAVE an XLR input

Read the Videomaker Magazine Review

Optional Cables
While the XLR-BP 3 Pro comes with a 4.5 ft. built-in cable, these are the most commonly requested optional cables.

Pro XLR Audio Cable
Custom made 4.5 ft. cable is designed to reach from your XLR audio adapter to your camera with ease.

4.5 ft. XLR Cable-- $19.95
Item # XLR4

XLR-Mix Pro Features:

  • Two XLR Balanced Input Jacks - Featuring Neutrik XLR jacks with locking connections. This ensures the XLR cables don't pull out.
  • Two 1/8" Input Jacks (can be used with balanced or unbalanced inputs)
  • Nickel-Based Lined Shielded Case - Provides a superior EMI & RFI shield rating.
  • High Quality Shielded Transformers - Offer virtually no insertion loss and superior frequency response. Each transform is wrapped multiple times with a shielding material that protects against both EMI & RFI for noise free operation.
  • Mic/Line Level Selection - Input 1 and 2 have separate mic/line level switches giving you the choice of mic level input or line level input from an audio mixing board.
  • Ground Lift Switch - helps eliminate ground loop hum in the audio. A ground lift switch allows you to break the ground connection between two devices, thus eliminating common ground loop problems. This is critical when connecting to various audio equipment.

    Note: The ground lift switch is not a ground selection switch, which simply changes the ground path to the camera, thus keeping the ground loop problem present. (Plus, on some cameras this switch useless)
  • Audio Level Controls - Using professional grade audio pots, each of the 3 inputs have it's own audio level control.
  • XLR Output Connection - Allow you to plug into video camera's with XLR connections.
  • No Power Required - Passive device.
    Ideal for today's digital HDV Camcorders
  • Lightweight, Rugged and Portable - The XLR audio adapter is lightweight, so you won't have a heavy box pulling down on your belt or pocket.
  • Works with all video cameras with built-in XLR inputs.
  • Ideal for Line Level Inputs or externally phantom powered condenser mics.
  • Does not phantom power from camera to mic.  If mics require power, they must be externally powered.

The XLR-Mix PRO™ Specs.

  • Input Connections
    Two Neutrik XLR Jacks - Locking
    Two 1/8" Jacks (for balanced or unbalanced input)
  • Output Connection - Male XLR Jack
  • Gain: Adjustable - 0db to infinity
  • Insertion Loss - Virtually none
  • Input Impedance - Nominal 600 Ohms - Suitable for 150 to 600 ohm input
  • Line Level Attenuation: 54db - varies with camera input
  • Input Voltage Max - 900mv mic; 10v line
  • Frequency Response - 15Hz to 25kHz
  • Nickel-Based Lined Shielded Case
  • Dimensions - 5" x 2.5" x 1.5"
  • Weight Approx. 9 oz.
  • Warranty - 1 Year

1 Year Warranty, 20 Day Return Policy

USA Made

Customer Comments:
"I recently ordered an XLRMIX and put it to the test today while shooting "Cruise-In" a classic car shat that airs on FOX SPORTS. "Professional" is the appropriate name for this product - the audio on each mic is crystal clear, and it give us the ability to use 3 wireless mics on a camera system with only 2 XLR inputs. The XLR-MIX will be a standard piece of equipment on all our projects in the future.  Great product - really saved the day!"
John Stealy, Digital Alchemy, Chagrin Falls, OH

"I need 3 XLR inputs for my video camera and found the XLR-Mix Pro online.  I decide to try it out and was glad I did.  I found it easy to use, the audio quality is great and the price was right. Keep up the good work and I look forward to make more purchases from Studio 1 Productions in the future."
Zack White, Ft. Worth, TX