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XLR Audio Cables

Professional XLR Audio Cables with Premium XLR Connectors

XLR Audio Cable - Professional XLR Cables

18" XLR Cable -- $14.95
Item # XLR18

4.5 ft. XLR Cable -- $19.95
Item # XLR4

10 ft. XLR Cable -- $20.95
Item # XLR10

25 ft. XLR Cable -- $25.95
Item # XLR25

50 ft. XLR Cable -- $36.95
Item # XLR50


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An XLR cable is sometimes called a balanced cable or a microphone cable.  At Studio 1 Productions, we carry only pro grade XLR cables that are built with premium XLR connectors and high quality cable for precise signal transfer with excellent RF/EMI noise rejection offering you the maximum value and performance.

The high density braided shield blocks electrostatic noise, eliminate annoying hum, buzz, radio interference and reducing electro-magnetically induced noise from SCR dimmers and fluorescent lights.

The XLR cables are made with 24 gauge copper conductors, these XLR cables offer excellent frequency response due to low capacitance and incredible flexibility for ease of use.

Our XLR cables are perfect for use with a microphone, an XLR Audio Adapter, a preamp, connecting to an audio mixing board or connecting a balanced audio cable to any audio equipment, these XLR cables will give you the sound quality you need and the performance you can count on.

They are perfect for use in the studio, on stage or in the field.

NOTE: The 18" and 4.5 ft. XLR cables are custom made for us and are ideal for use with the XLR-BP and the XLR-MIX.

All of our XLR Cables have the standard Male connectors on one end and Female connectors on the other.

Customers Include

20 Day Return Policy. 90 Day Warranty.

XLR Audio Cables
XLR Cable
XLR Cables
XLR Audio Cable
Balanced Audio Cable
Microphone Cable