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XLR Audio Adapter

The XLR-BP 3™ Professional XLR Audio Adapter

XLR Audio Adapter
1 Year Warranty, 20 Day Return Policy

XLR-BP 3 Pro Special - $189.95
Item # XLRBP3P


XLR Audio Adapter Menu

The XLR-BP 3™ Pro is the only XLR Audio Adapter to give you 3 XLR audio inputs. The XLR-BP 3 Pro™ XLR audio adapter allows you to connect to professional audio equipment, audio mixers and professional microphones. You can run long balanced audio lines and have superb noise free audio with this XLR audio adapter. The XLR-BP 3 Pro™ XLR adapter will work with ALL camcorders that have a 1/8" mic input jack.

The XLR-BP 3 Pro™ - this model XLR audio adapter has features such as, an auxiliary 1/8" mini jack that can be used as balanced or unbalanced input, a true ground lift switch, lightweight design and improved audio performance.

Our audio quality is the best. We use custom transformers for better frequency response and our XLR audio adapters do not suffer from insertion loss and high frequency cutoff as other XLR audio adapters do.

All of our XLR audio adapter cases, including the XLR-BP 3 PRO™ case, is shielded against both EMI & RFI interference. Only our XLR adapters that provides this level of shielding and meets military specs. Our XLR audio adapter case provides total shielding to the entire circuit inside. In addition, each custom transformer is also properly wrapped multiple times with an EMI & RFI shielding material for superior shielding.

With the XLR-BP 3 Pro™ adapter, all three inputs have audio level controls. Inputs 2 and 3 are mixed together. Input 1 can either be separate or mixed with inputs 2 and 3, depending on the Stereo/Mono switch setting.

By offering three XLR inputs and one 1/8" mini input, you will have total flexibility in your audio connections. You can use one, two or three inputs connections in any combination. Each of the three inputs feature volume controls and inputs 1 and 2 feature mic/line level input selection.

Each XLR adapter is built using only pro grade, custom audio transformers, audio pots, switches and components, with all components mounted on a circuit board. The end result is an XLR audio adapter with superior audio performance and extremely quiet operation, which is important for achieving quality audio.

We use high quality locking XLR connectors, as this prevents the XLR cables from accidently pulling out of the XLR audio adapter.

The XLR-BP 3™ Pro XLR audio adapter clips onto you belt or your cameras hand strap when mounted on a tripod.  It also comes with a 4 ft. shield cable with a stereo mini plug, so it can plug into your camera's mic jack.

The XLR-BP 3 Pro™ Features:

  • Three XLR Balanced Inputs - Featuring locking XLR jacks to ensures the XLR cables don't accidently pull out of the XLR adapter.
  • A Single 1/8" Mini Input
  • Nickel-Based Lined Shielded Case - Provides a superior EMI & RFI shield rating and meets military specs.
  • High Quality Custom Made Shielded Transformers - Our custom made transformers offer virtually no insertion loss and superior frequency response. Each transform is wrapped multiple times with a shielding material that protects against both EMI & RFI for noise free operation.
  • Stereo/Mono/Mix Switch:
    The mono position allows you to have one microphone input record on both the right and left audio tracks.

    The stereo position allows input 1 to record on the left audio track, with input 2 and 3 mixing together and recording on the right audio track.

    You can use the XLR-BP 3™ Pro in a mix mode, this allows you to mix input 1, input 2 and input 3 together and record the mixed inputs on both the right and left audio track.
  • Mic/Line Level Selection - Input 1 and input 2 each have a mic/line level switch giving you the choice of microphone level input or line level input from an audio mixing board.  Input 3 is mic level only.
  • Voltage Block Circuit - This circuit is a necessary feature in any XLR adapter, as the microphone jack on some video cameras actually outputs 2.5 to 3 volts of power and can be a source of noise with some microphones. All Studio 1 Productions XLR audio adapters have this needed circuit.
  • Ground Lift Switch - This helps to eliminate ground loop hum in the audio. A ground lift switch allows you to break the ground connection between two devices, thus eliminating common ground loop problems. This can be critical when connecting to various audio equipment.
    Note: The ground lift switch is not a ground selection switch, which simply changes the ground path to the camera, thus keeping the ground loop problem present. (Plus, on some cameras this switch useless). All of our Pro series of XLR adapters will have this feature.
  • Audio Level Controls - We use professional grade audio pots, each input has it's own audio level control.
    Note: If your camera has an AGC (automatic gain control) circuit and you are using two mics, the AGC will take the strongest input and lower it to an acceptable level. This can cause the other input to be very weak. By using the audio level controls you can turn down the strongest input to balance it with the other input. Resulting in better audio levels on both audio inputs.
  • 4ft Shielded Cable - The XLR adapter has a 4ft shielded cable with a right angle 1/8" stereo mini plug on the end to plug into the camera's microphone jack.
  • No Power Required - Passive device.
  • Lightweight and Very Rugged - So you won't have a heavy box pulling down on your belt or pocket.
  • Works with all video cameras with a microphone jack. PLUS, it also  works with digital audio recorders, DAT and mini disc recorders.
  • Ideal for Line Level Inputs or externally phantom powered condenser mics.

The XLR-BP 3 PRO™ Specs.

  • Input Connections
    Three locking XLR Jacks and one 1/8" mini Jack
  • Output Connection - 4ft shielded cable with right angle 1/8" mini stereo plug
  • Gain: Adjustable - 0db to infinity
  • Insertion Loss - Virtually none
  • Input Impedance - Nominal 600 Ohms - Suitable for 150 to 600 ohm input
  • Line Level Attenuation: 54db - varies with camera input
  • Input Voltage Max - 900mv mic; 10v line
  • Frequency Response 15Hz to 25KHz (+/- 1.0 dB Max.)
  • Dimensions - 5" x 2.5" x 1.5"
  • Weight Approx. 9 oz.
  • Warranty - 1 Year

XLR Audio Adapter Side View
Side View

Optional Cables
While the XLR-BP 3 Pro comes with a 4.5 ft. built-in cable, these are the most commonly requested optional cables.

Pro XLR Audio Cable
Custom made 4.5 ft. cable is designed to reach from your XLR audio adapter to your camera with ease.

4.5 ft. XLR Cable-- $19.95
Item # XLR4

3.5mm Audio Cable
10ft 3.5mm (1/8") Shielded Stereo Audio Extension Cable.

3.5mm Ext. Cable -- $3.99
Item # 35EXT

We offer more XLR Cables on this page.

NOTE: The XLR-BP 3 Pro can connect to both microphones and audio mixing boards.

We consulted with audio engineers, videographers and professional camera operators when designing the XLR-BP 3 Pro™ XLR audio adapter. This was to ensure we had all the features they requested and the audio performance they demanded in an XLR audio adapter.

XLR Customers

Cost of Product Repairs
XLR audio adapters that are out of warranty is a flat rate of $25, which includes shipping the product back to you.  If the item is within the 1 year warranty, please include a copy of the invoice.

Made in the USA

Customer Comments:
"I like having the option of having 3 XLR inputs with the XLR-BP 3 Pro.  At first I didn't think I would need 3 XLR inputs, but I thought for the small difference in price I would just go for the XLR-BP 3 Pro.  I am glad I did, having the 3rd XLR input has come in handy at time for me."  Pete Marshall

"This is a great addition to my Panasonic HMC40 camcorder.  It was nice to see this unit doesn't add any weight to the camcorder since you can mount it on your belt.  Having 3 XLR inputs is a bonus over other XLR adapters.  The audio quality is great.  I found the XLR-BP 3 PRO is well built and rugged."  Shawn Jenner, Arlington, VA.

"A colleague told me you have the best XLR adapter on the market. So I order the XLR-BP Pro adapter and I have to agree it is the best. The audio quality is superior to other XLR adapters that I tried. A great product all around." Frank Wiley.

"The XLR-BP PRO is really a great audio device. Took it of Africa on a 3 week shoot, shot in all kinds of conditions, it held up great. The XLR-BP Pro gave us perfect audio every time. I was very pleased to see that is was so lightweight and yet so durable. (We accidentally dropped from the roof of a truck while breaking down our gear). The XLR-BP Pro is worth every penny we paid." Jan Von Roza, Island Film & Video

"After using my new XLR-BP Pro for the last week, I can say with all certainty that I will recommend this product to all of my colleagues. This is far superior than my (under the camera model). I use to have problems connecting to my Mackie audio mixer with my old (model). Got a constant ground loop hum. Now when I connect up using the XLR-BP Pro and setting the ground lift switch to "lift" I great clean sounding audio. The XLR-BP Pro is a great improvement of my (old model)." Charlie Cox

"To anyone who uses a Steadicam or a Steadicam type device: Get the XLR-BP Pro. It is the only adapter that really allows you to use XLR audio mics and keep the Steadicam balanced. No jury rigging, no modification, just clip the XLR-BP Pro on your belt and go. This is a terrific product." Carlton Hammond, Steadicam Jr Owner.

"Wanted to let you folks at Studio 1 that your Super Jib Arm and the XLR-BP are terrific products. That past week we mounted out GL-1 on the Super Jib Arm and connected the XLR-BP to the GL-1. It made it so much easier for us to have the XLR-BP with the audio controls clipped to our pocket, whereas before we couldn't reach the audio controls when the camera was up in the air. Also, the Super Jib Arm has opened us up to a how new level of creativity. Thanks for the great products and keep up the good work." L. Robert Kinder, Internet Email.

"Every time I opened the LCD screen I was getting noise in my (under the camera) adapter. I found that by moving it about 6 inches away from the camera the noise would go away. After asking around on the web, I was directed to your site by another guy who had the same problem. I ordered the XLR-BP Pro and I tested it upon receiving it. Works great. No noise what so ever, even when I hold it under the camera! Thank you for building an excellent product." Karl Hench, Rockport, Ill.

"The XLR-BP PRO deserves an A+. After putting it through tests both in-house and I the field the XLR-BP PRO offers excellent sound quality, no noise problem when running the camera from A/C power or battery. The ground lift switch was a great idea. I’ve had problem when interfacing your old XLR adapter to my audio mixer, but after testing the XLR-BP PRO with the ground lift switch my problems are gone. The versatility of the unit, the easy access controls and it‘s solid construction make this the best XLR adapter I‘ve own." S. Lee Bonner

"The XLR-BP PRO not only gives great audio, but it even takes a beating! I was shooting a special interest video on BMX biking. During one shot I was riding on the tailgate of a pickup truck just shooting action shots of the bikers. I had my shotgun mic and XLR-BP PRO laying beside me. We hit a hard bump and the XLR-BP PRO and mic flew off the tailgate and both took a hard hit. The mic didn’t survive, but the XLR-BP PRO did and only suffered a few scratches. We continued to use the XLR-BP Pro while shooting the rest of the video. Even after taking a beating, we got prefect audio. You got my vote for product of the year." Oscar Rameriz

"Great product! I really like the design of your new XLR-BP Professional. The sound quality is fantastic and there was no noise when I connected it up to different mics and mixers to test it. I am currently working on a production and I am using it daily with great result." Bruce Farnsworth, Hollywood, CA.

"I purchased the XLR-BP Professional and wanted to report, this is one of the best purchases I ever made. Very quite, very clean audio, well thought out placement of the controls and very noise free. I have put my (old xlr adapter) up for sale, as your new XLR-BP Pro is so much better." Lee Wong