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XLR Adapter - The XLR-BP™ Basic

XLR-BP XLR Adapterfor camcorder
1 Year Warranty, 20 Day Return Policy

XLR-BP Basic XLR Adapter - $149.95


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The XLR-BP™ Basic is an XLR adapter was specifically designed for those videographers who are working with cabled microphones and wireless microphone systems, such as dynamic microphones, battery power mics, shotgun microphones or lavalier mics.  The XLR-BP™ Basic XLR adapter will work with ALL camcorders that have a 1/8" microphone input jack.

Note: the XLR-BP Basic will NOT allow you to connect to an audio mixer, it is ONLY for connecting to XLR microphones and XLR wireless mic systems. You will need the XLR-BP 3 Pro if you need to connect to an audio mixer.

The XLR-BP™ Basic XLR adapter features two XLR audio inputs, two auxiliary 1/8" mini jacks, stereo-mono input switch, dual audio level controls, lightweight design, improved audio performance and more.

Our audio quality is the best. We use custom made transformers in each XLR Adapter for a better frequency response. The Studio 1 Productions XLR adapters do not suffer from insertion loss and high frequency cutoff as other XLR adapters do.

Our XLR adapter cases, including the XLR-BP™ Basic case, is shielded against both EMI & RFI interference. Only our XLR adapter provides this level of shielding and meets military specs. Our XLR adapter case provides total shielding to the entire circuit inside. In addition, each custom transformer is also properly wrapped multiple times with an EMI & RFI shielding material for superior shielding.

The XLR-BP Basic XLR adapter offers two XLR inputs and two 1/8" mini input jacks for total flexibility in your audio connections. You can use any two of these inputs connections, in any combination. With each of the two inputs featuring volume controls. Input 1 and 2 can either be recorded as separate audio tracks or mixed together, depending on the Stereo/Mono switch setting.

Each XLR adapter is built using only pro grade, custom made audio transformers, audio pots, switches and components. All components are circuit board mounted. The result is an XLR adapter with superior audio performance and extremely quiet operation.

We use high quality Neutrik locking XLR connectors. This prevents the XLR cables from pulling out of the XLR adapter.

The XLR-BP™ Basic XLR audio adapter clips onto you belt and comes with a 4 ft cable with a stereo mini plug so it can plug into your camera's mic jack.  By using the belt clip, you can also clip it on the camera strap when the video camera is mounting on a tripod.

The XLR-BP™ Features:

  • High quality constructions. All components are circuit board mounted in our XLR adapter.
  • Nickel-Based Lined Shielded Case - Provides a superior EMI & RFI shield rating and meets military specs.
  • Balancing transformers - For long microphone cable runs.
  • Allows connections to microphones only, Not for connecting to and audio mixer. For that you will need one of our Pro models.
  • Dual Inputs - There are two XLR inputs and two 1/8" mono inputs.
  • Record any combination of the two inputs onto separate audio tracks (using the stereo right and left audio tracks).
  • Stereo/Mono Output Switch. This allows you to use only one microphone and have it record to both the right and left audio tracks. Also, when the switch is in the mono position and there are two inputs present, it will mix the two inputs together and send the mixed output to both the right and left audio tracks.
  • Locking XLR Connectors - This prevents the XLR cables from pulling out of the XLR audio adapter
  • Independent Audio Level Controls - We used high grade audio level pots to allow you to control the input audio levels.
  • Voltage Blocking Circuit to handle the "Plug-In Power" Mic Jacks found on Sony video cameras.
  • The XLR-BP is a passive device. No power required.
  • The XLR adapter works with all video cameras that have a 1/8" mic jack.
  • No Insertion Loss.
  • Mounts on your belt - Gives you the freedom to move around easier.
  • Lightweight - So you won't have a heavy box pulling down on your belt or pocket.
  • Gain: Adjustable - 0db to infinity
  • Insertion Loss - Virtually none
  • Input Impedance - Nominal 600 Ohms - Suitable for 150 to 600 ohm input
  • Line Level Attenuation: 54db - varies with camera input
  • Input Voltage Max - 900mv mic; 10v line
  • Freq Response 15Hz to 25KHz (+/- 1.0 dB Max.)
  • Dimensions - 5" x 2.5" x 1.5"
  • Lightweight - Weight Approx. 9 oz.
  • 1 Year Warranty

Why belt mount the XLR adapter?

  • Easier access to the controls.
  • Easier handholding of the video camera - since the XLR connections and the controls are mounted on your belt instead of being in the way as you try to handhold the camera.
  • Works with all camcorder models
  • Removes the weight of the XLR adapter from the video camera.
  • No more cables pulling on your hand or XLR adapter
  • Can be used with any type of microphone
  • Can be used with steady cam devices, jib arms and camera support equipment
  • Camera can be mounted directly to tripod head instead of to the under the camera style adapter, which in some cases can cause the camera to be unsteady.
  • Easier mounting - Nothing to screw or unscrew from the bottom of the camera. (NOTE: Some cameras now have the tape eject button on the bottom of the camera, thus requiring you to remove the under the camera style XLR adapter so you can change tapes or batteries. What a pain.) This is something you don't have to worry about with the XLR-BP™ line of XLR adapters.
  • Gives you more freedom and flexibility.
  • Very durable, yet lightweight.
  • Can be attached to the camera's hand strap when mounted on a tripod.
  • Customers prefer it.

XLR Adapter - XLR-BP
Side View

Optional Cables
While the XLR-BP Basic comes with a 4.5 ft. built-in cable, these are the most commonly requested optional cables.

XLR Cables
Custom made 4.5 ft. cable is designed to reach from your XLR adapter to your camera with ease.

4.5 ft. XLR Cable-- $19.95
Item # XLR4

3.5mm Audio Cable
10ft 3.5mm (1/8") Shielded Stereo Audio Extension Cable.

3.5mm Ext. Cable -- $3.99
Item # 35EXT

We offer more XLR Cables on this page.

NOTE: The XLR-BP Basic is for connecting to microphones only. Do not use this model for connecting to an audio mixer. You will need one of the XLR-BP Pro 3 models if you want to connect to an audio mixer.

XLR-BP Customers

Cost of Product Repairs
Any XLR adapter that is out of warranty, there is a flat rate charge of $25, which includes shipping the product back to you.  If the item is within the 1 year warranty, please include a copy of the invoice.

Made in the USA

Customer Comments:
"I love the XLR-BP Basic.  It is so versatile.  I really like having the two 1/8" jacks from when I need to connect two wireless mics to my camera and the XLR jacks when I am working with XLR mics, such as my shotgun mics.  I have used it on all kinds of shoots and it has never let me down.  The great audio quality and the price is fantastic."  CJ Niles

"The XLR-BP Basic rocks! "  Cheryl Cooper

"Hey, you guys have a great little XLR adapter.  I purchased the XLR-BP Basic about a year ago and have gotten a lot of use out of it. You have a great design that offers a lot of flexibility.  I have used it with a variety of video cameras and microphones.  Works with everything I used it with.  Just thought I would drop you a line and let you know how pleased I am with the XLR-BP Basic."  Jon Copper

"Dropping you a line to say thanks for the fast service and a great product. The XLR-BP works as advertised. Very clean audio and no noise. At a wedding I shot this past weekend, I used the XLR-BP when the camera was on the tripod and when hand-holding the camera at the reception. Works perfect in both situations." Jamie Rodriguez, Phoenix, AZ

"I want to thank you guys for letting me beta test the XLR-BP. I used for a documentary I was shooting in south Florida with a Canon GL-1 and Sony VX-2000. We connected two mics to the XLR-BP, a shotgun mic that we were using as a boom mic and a wireless mic. All I can say it this is a great little device. The idea of having the XLR cables coming into a belt clip box is fantastic. It allowed us to use our Steadicam Jr. while still being able to use both mics. Previously, connecting any cables to the camera would cause the Steadicam to become unbalanced. The XLR-BP has given us a whole new level of freedom to move about." Bruce Camdem, Orlando, FL.

"Wanted to let you folks at Studio 1 that your Super Jib Arm and the XLR-BP are terrific products. That past week we mounted out GL-1 on the Super Jib Arm and connected the XLR-BP to the GL-1. It made it so much easier for us to have the XLR-BP with the audio controls clipped to our pocket, whereas before we couldn't reach the audio controls when the camera was up in the air. Also, the Super Jib Arm has opened us up to a how new level of creativity. Thanks for the great products and keep up the good work." L. Robert Kinder, Internet Email.

"In the early spring, our school purchased your XLR-BP for our students so we could use XLR pro mics for use during our morning “school news”. I just wanted to report back how pleased we are with the XLR-BP and how well it holds up, as sometimes the kids are not real gentle with the equipment. We have found the XLR-BP indispensable for our video productions and I would highly recommend it to any educator or to anyone else work with video." Mike Hill

"The XLR-BP is a nice audio adapter for any videographer who need to use external mics. The audio level controls are easy to reach and very clean. I really like the fact that I can clip it on my belt when I am handholding the camera. It really lets me move around a lot easier. I am getting ready to start my next production and I guarantee I will be using the XLR-BP. I am looking forward to seeing what else you come out with next." JR Thompson, Jacksonville, FL. Independent Film Producer