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Broadcast Quality Video Backgrounds

All of our video backgrounds are Royalty Free

We have one of the largest selection of video backgrounds available.
We are currently offering 111 volumes of video backgrounds, with more coming soon.

Free Video Backgrounds
in HD and Standard Definition.  We are providing these Video Backgrounds so you can try them out in your video editing software.  You can use them in your productions, but you can not resell them or give them away as Video Backgrounds.

Some Information about our Video Backgrounds

All of our video backgrounds are Royalty Free, which means once you buy them you can use them in any of your video projects without having to pay a royalty no matter how many times you use them.  The only thing you can not do is give them away or resell any of the video backgrounds.

Our Video Backgrounds are used every day through out world by videographers, video production companies, post production facilities, network TV and the broadcast market.

By using video backgrounds, this allows you to hold the viewer's attention, while stepping up the quality of your video productions. The result is a video production that has a professional look and is more interesting to the viewer.  TV news stations across the county and around the world use our video backgrounds to overlay titles on.  This helps hold the viewers interest while the news is making bullet points.

We offer a large selection, right now 111 volumes, of video backgrounds with different themes.  Themes such as wedding, worship, network news style, sports, medicine, film themes, family themes and so many other themes.

Studio 1 Productions Video Backgrounds are Easy To Use
Simply copy the video background to your hard drive. Then just drag the video background from the hard drive and drop the video background right into your NLE timeline.  Why copy the video background to the hard drive?  There are two reasons for this.  First, reading the video background from a DVD drive is very slow.  Copying the video background on to a hard drive will allow the file to be read much faster, allowing for real time editing with the video background.  Second, if you try to use the video background from the DVD, you would have to keep the DVD in the DVD drive when ever you are editing.  And again, reading the file from the DVD drive would be painfully slow.

True Drag & Drop Video Background Animations
The video backgrounds we offer are designed for true Drag & Drop usage.  All of the video backgrounds are pre-formatted and pre-rendered, so you don't have to render the video background like you do with some other companies.  All of our video backgrounds are within the NTSC legal color range and luminance levels.  The video backgrounds we offer are all at 29.97 fps, the industry standard.

With video backgrounds from Studio 1 Productions, you don't need any special software to use them.  The are ready to use once you get them.

Available Formats
High Definition or HD Video Backgrounds come in the industry standard QuickTime format.  The are all in QuickTime Photo-JPG format for the highest quality.  HD Video backgrounds that have an alpha channel are in QuickTime PNG format, again for the best quality.

Standard Definition video backgrounds come with BOTH QuickTime Photo-JPG format or AVI format. This allows them to be used in virtually all NLE systems.

NOTE:  A lot of other companies offer their video backgrounds using h.264 format.  This is a highly compressed format.  It is okay to use for a finished product, but it should NOT be used as an editing format.  So why do they use the QuickTime h.264 format?  Because it makes smaller file sizes.  For example, we tested one of our video backgrounds that was saved in a QuickTime Photo-JPG format.  This background was 902 megabytes in size.  When we save the same video background using the QuickTime h.264 format the file size was only 18 megs in size.

Now think about it, that's a lot of compression and with that much compression there has to be some quality loss.  Also, editing h.264 footage requires a fairly high end CPU in your computer if you want to edit smoothly.

We don't want you to use video backgrounds that have quality loss, so that is why we use QuickTime Photo-JPG and QuickTime PNG.

What Is Your Refund Policy On Video Backgrounds?
We have provided demos for each animation online. There are NO refunds on video backgrounds (or music, sound effects, software, stock photos and stock footage) since they can be copied to a hard drive and still used in a production after the masters have been returned.  This is why we provide online demos. Defective items will items will be exchanged for the EXACT same item.  We hope you understand that there are NO exceptions to this policy.

Video Backgrounds are also known as Animated Backgrounds, Motion Loops, Motion Backgrounds, Video Background, Video Loops, 3D Animation, Animated Graphics, Graphic Backgrounds, Motion Graphics and Moving Backgrounds.