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Tri-Mount - Triple Flash Shoe Mount

It now comes in BLACK only.

Tri-Mount Triple Flash Shoe Mount
Dimensions 3.5" x 1" x 1"

Tri-Mount Triple Flash Shoe Mount -- $19.95
Item # TRI1


Camera Parts and Accessories Menu

Have you ever wished you had another shoe mount on your camera?  I know we have.  So we came up with the Tri-Mount Triple Shoe Mount.  It slides into a standard accessory shoe and provides mounting points for up to three pieces of equipment.

Now you can mount your video light, shotgun microphone, wireless mic receivers or other video camera shoe mount accessory to your video camera or DSLR camera.

The Tri-Mount has a thumb wheel that you turn to lock the Tri-Mount into the camera's shoe.

The Tri-Mount Triple Shoe Mount is machined from a solid aluminum block so it will last forever.

The Tri-Mount allows you to mount up to 3 shoe mount accessories to your video camera or DSLR using the cameras hot shoe.
Triple Shoe Mount - Tri-Mount

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20 Day Return Policy.
1 Year Warranty.