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Steady Bracket Video Camera Stabilizer

Steady Bracket - video camera bracket

Steady Bracket -- $29.95
Item # SBKT1


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You can create better handheld shots with the Steady Bracket from Studio 1 Productions.  The Steady Bracket is suitable for all handheld camcorders, including video cameras with a flip out LCD screens.

We took our old Steady Bracket and improved it.  Now you can position the support handle to suite your needs, so it is either above or below the bracket, as shown in the pictures on the right.

The Steady Bracket makes it much easier to keep the camcorder stable as it is held by both hands, thus eliminating camera shake, resulting in a more stable shot with your camcorder.  The Steady Bracket also allows for smoother shots when moving with the camera, since you will have better control and balance of the video camera using this handheld brace.

The Steady Bracket simply screws into the tripod mounting hole under your video camera.  The Steady Bracket has a ergonomic padded handle and it now comes in a professional all black finish.

It's very light weight accessory, only weighting 7 oz.

It's the ideal camera bracket for small video cameras.

Steady Bracket

DSRL camera bracket Steady Bracket
Steady Bracket Handle in Lower Position

Camcoder handheld bracket
Steady Bracket Handle in Upper Position

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