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DSLR Camera Skate Dolly

Perfect for DSLR and Small to Medium Size Video Cameras

Skate Dolly

DSLR Skate Dolly -- $47.95
Item # skate1


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The DSLR Skate Dolly offers that super smooth tracking camera shots that just look cool. This DSLR Skate Dolly will help you create more dynamic tabletop shots and cool videos.  It makes it easy to do your own creative projects with a DSLR camera or video camera.

The DSLR Skate Dolly system is completely portable and can be set up in under 30 seconds. The DSLR Skate Dolly is perfect for table top shots, low level floor shots and more.

The DSLR Skate Dolly features a sturdy CNC machined plate with two 1/4-20 thread holds and one male 1/4-20 thread post to mount up to full size ball heads and/or articulating friction arms.

When you buy from Studio 1 Productions, we include a 1/4-20 to 3/8-16 tripod thread adapter.  This allows you to mount a standard ball head mount on the DSLR Skate Dolly.

The heavy duty plate will support camcorders or full size HDSLR's and accessories such as LED's, small monitors and microphones. The custom knobs securely tighten against the front and rear adjustable flat axels.

Since not all skate dollies are made the same way, we made sure our skate dolly used custom wheels that feature fluid bearings.  Plus, the wheels we use are slightly softer than standard skate type wheels allowing the DSLR Skate Dolly to glide smoothly over a hard surface.  This was important to us because we wanted to make sure we got the smoothest shot possible when using a skate dolly.

The outside dimensions of the dolly are about 5-1/2" wide by about 7-3/4" long.  This makes the DSLR Skate Dolly easy to travel with.

We offer some optional accessories for the Skate Dolly on the right side of this page.

NOTE: Some of the low end DSLR Skate Dollies do not use fluid bearings and soft wheels.  This allows them to keep the price down, but it does lower the quality.  By not using fluid bearing, the skate dolly wheels can drag and not roll smoothly.  This can cause problems while you are trying to move the skate dolly.

In addition, these companies will use cheap hard wheels on the skate dollies.  This can cause vibration problems on hard surfaces.

This is why we made sure our DSLR Skate Dolly uses custom wheels sets, that have softer wheels and fluid bearings.

DSLR Skate Dolly Table Top

DSLR Skate Dolly

Optional Accessories for the
DSLR Skate Dolly

Friction Arm

7 Inch Friction Arm -- $23.99
Item # FA7
11 Inch Friction Arm -- $28.99
Item # FA11

Skate Dolly Tripod ball head mount

Tripod Ball Head Mount -- $29.99
Item # TBH6

1 Year Warranty, 20 Day Return Policy