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Sony Multiport Connector
Male Sony Multiport Connector with 15 pins and Soldering Tabs

Sony Multiport Connector

15 pin Sony Multiport Connector

1 Pc. - Sony Multiport Connectors -- $3.95
Item # MPC2


The Sony Multiport connector has a soldering tab for access to all 15 pins.  The Sony Multiport connection is also called the Multi/Micro USB Terminal that is found on newer Camcorders, Cybershot Cameras and Sony DSLR and AX series of cameras.

The Sony Multiport Connector is great for DIY projects for your Sony Camera or Camcorder.

You will need a very fine point soldering tip and start with low heat levels. The circuit board is 5/16" wide, which is approximately the width of the Sony Multiport connector. All of the pins are labeled making it easy to select which pin you want to connect too.  Please see the photos below.

You will receive 1 of the Sony Multiport connectors.

Please understand, there is NO refunds or exchanges once you have soldered the connector.

Sony 15 pin Multiport Connector

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