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Sony Multiport Connector / Sony Multi Terminal Connector
Male Sony Multiport Connector with 15 pins and Soldering Tabs

There is a pinout chart below.

Sony Multiport Connector

Sony Multi Terminal Connector

1 Pc. - Sony Multiport Connector -- $3.95
Item # MPC


The Sony Multiport Connector, also called the Sony Multi Terminal Connector, has a soldering tab for access to all 15 pins.  There is a pinout for the Sony Multiport connector below.

The Sony Multiport connection is also called the Multi/Micro USB Terminal or the Sony Multi Terminal and is found on newer Camcorders, Cybershot Cameras and Sony DSLR and AX series of cameras.

The Sony Multiport Connector is great for DIY projects for your Sony Camera or Camcorder.

You will need a very fine point soldering tip and start with low heat levels. The circuit board is 5/16" wide, which is approximately the width of the Sony Multiport Connector. All of the pins are labeled making it easy to select which pin you want to connect too.  Please see the photos below.

The Sony Multiport Connector are sold by the individual piece.

Please understand, there is NO refunds or exchanges once you have soldered the connector.

Sony Multiport Connector

Pin Out Chart for the Sony Multiport Connector or the Sony Multi Terminal Connector that we sell.

The pin out chart is for the way we have our Sony Multiport Connector labeled.  The information below came from Sony and other sources and it is accurate to the best of our knowledge.  This information if for Sony camcorders and Sony cameras from 2014 to today.   Please Note:  The 2013 Sony Camcorders had the Multiport or  Multi Terminal connection, but it may not be wired as listed below.

Pin Usage
A1 VBUS (5 volt, max 2A)
A2 USB D-1
A3 USB D+1
A5 Ground
1 Power On  / Off - Short to Ground to toggle between Power On or Off.
2 Ground
3 Composite Video Out - Not supported when using a wired remote control unit
4 Audio Out L / Shutter Release - Shutter with direct trigger cable. Note: Audio is not supported when using a wired remote control unit
5 Audio Out R Audio / Activate Camera / Focus -  Focus with direct trigger cable. Note: Audio is not supported when using a wired remote control unit
6 Select - resistor to detect the connected cable or accessory type.  Resistor to Pin 2 or Pin 10 depending on accessory type or cable.  Use 100 ohm Resistor.
7 UART RX / Boot Serial In - optional input for serial interface (debug) and boot loader.  No Boot Loader.
8 UART TX / LANC Sig - optional output for serial LANC interface for debug / No LANC control
9 XReset Req / Input for reset request
10 2.8 volt to 3.3 volt output

Not all functions may be provided by all camera/camcorder models.

You can NOT control the camera with a wired remoted control while providing video/audio output using the Multi USB terminal.  You have to use the HDMI output when you are connected to a wired remote control.  This is just the way Sony has designed the multiport or multi terminal to work.

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