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RCA Female to Female Adapter

Perfect for Joining two Composite Video Cables Together

RCA Female to Female Adapter

RCA Female to Female Adapter -- $0.89
Item # RCAFF


The RCA Female to Female adapter allows you to take two video or audio cables that have male RCA connection and connect them together.

How many times have you needed a longer RCA cable, but only had a couple of shorter ones?

Most of us have a couple of extra RCA cables stored in a box some place.  Having a couple of RCA female to female adapters, you can connect them together to make a longer cable.

If you have any RCA cables, then these are handy to have around as you never know when you might need an RCA Female to Female adapter.

These are also know as a double ended RCA female adapter or as a RCA F/F Coupler.

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20 Day Return Policy, 90 Day Warranty