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2.5mm Stereo Plug

2.5mm Stereo Plug with Solder Tabs

2.5mm stereo plug with solder tabs

2.5mm Stereo Plug
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Qnty 10+    -- $0.89
Item # 2.5mmsp


The 2.5mm connectors are not returnable if they have been soldered.

Perfect for DIY projects.

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The 2.5mm Stereo Male Plug has a plastic body with a molded strain relief.  The plastic connector body unscrews to reveal the solder tabs, as shown in the picture down below.

The strain relief will fit cables up to .22" in diameter.

The 2.5mm stereo plug is the same size that is used for LANC connection and audio connections on smaller devices.

If you need to repair a broken LANC plug, then this is the plug that you will need.

2.5mm stereo plug used in LANC connections

When you are using the 2.5mm stereo plug to repair a LANC cable, it is very important that you connect the wires up correctly, as one of the wires will carry 5 volts.  This should be connected to the ring on the 2.5mm stereo jack.  The tip will carry the data signal.

The 2.5mm stereo plug is also known as a 3/32 inch stereo plug.