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LANC Extension Cables

Shielded LANC extension cables for ALL LANC Controllers.

We also have the 2.5mm to Sony 10 pin LANC Adapter Cable.

Lanc Extension Cable Lanc Cable
LANC Extension Cable

Shielded LANC extension cables
Works with all LANC controllers.

18 Inch Lanc Extension Cable -- $5.95
Item # LANC18
6ft Lanc Extension Cable -- $10.95
Item # LANC6
12ft Lanc Extension Cable -- $15.95
Item # LANC12
25ft Lanc Extension Cable -- $19.95
Item # Lanc25
50ft Lanc Extension Cable -- $34.95
Item # LANC50
100ft Lanc Extension Cable -- $49.95
Item # LANC100

90 Day Warranty, 20 Day Return Policy.

We carry the 2.5mm to Sony 10 pin LANC Adapter Cable as Shown Below.

Sony Lanc Adpater Cable

LANC Adapter for Sony Video Cameras Adapts a 2.5mm LANC plug to the Sony 10 pin "D" connector with Audio and Video connections

LANC Controls are found on most consumer and semi-pro Sony Cameras and on Canon's high end consumers camcorders and semi-pro Video Cameras.

A LANC Extension Cable is use when you need to make a longer cable run between your video camera and the LANC controller that you are using.

Since LANC Controllers come with different length LANC cable attached to the LANC controller.  There are times when you will need a LANC extension cable, such as if the video camera is mounted on a End Zone Camera Pole or on a Jib Arm or when ever the camera is mounted where is it out of your reach.

The LANC cables we offer are fully shielded data cables.  The cables are heavy duty so you can use them in all types of environments.

Multiple LANC Cables CAN be connected together, if you need to make longer runs.  Here at Studio 1 Productions, we have connect 4 of the 100ft LANC extension cables together for a 400ft run.  We tested this length using several Sony video cameras and a Canon video camera, along with our LANC Controller.  We had no problems at all.  This is how good our LANC Extension Cables are.

Sony Lanc Adapter Cables

Lanc Remote Controller Menu

The LANC Extension Cable may also be called a LANC Data Cable, a LANC extender or simply a LANC Cable.