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LANC Adapter for Sony Video Cameras

We are Now Offering Two Different Models of Lanc Adapters
and they are for Sony video cameras only.

Studio 1 Productions is making two special LANC adapter cables that converts the 2.5mm jack over to the Sony proprietary 10 pin "D" connector that is found on the newer Sony consumer video cameras.
We also have LANC Extension Cables and LANC Remote Controllers.

Please scroll down the page to read all of the information about these LANC Adapter cables.

If you are reading this on a mobile device, you will need to scroll all the way to the bottom to order any of the LANC adapter cables.

Our LANC adapters do NOT influence or alter the LANC protocol.  The LANC signal is passed through the LANC adapters to the video camera.

Most of the Newer Sony consumer video cameras don't have the standard 2.5mm LANC jack as shown below.

Standard LANC 2.5mm Jack

Sony has changed the LANC jack to a 10 Pin "D" Connecter shown on the left or a Multiport Connector shown on the right in the picture below.

Sony 10 Pin D connector and Multiport

What LANC Adapter will I need for my video camera?

Below are pictures of the 3 different style LANC connections that Sony is using.  Below is a picture of the Standard LANC jack.

"Standard 2.5mm LANC connection

Sony 10 pin "D" Connector
Below is a picture of the 10 pin "D" connector found on some Sony video cameras.  This connecter will generally be labeled, A/V or AV/R or AVR or AV Remote.

Sony 10 Pin D Style LANC Connection

NOTE 1:  About the 10 Pin "D" Style LANC Adapter
cable with Audio/Video:

The LANC adapter cables with Audio and Video will NOT work with any of the 2011 model camcorders listed below due to a change Sony made to these specific camcorders.  The LANC only adapter cable, item # LANC10A, will work.  Scroll down the page and see the 2011 Notes.




PAL Camcorders

Sony 2013 with a Multiport Connector

Sony Multiport Style LANC Connection

NOTE: Sony 2013 Camcorders require a special cable Sony adapter cable.  The part number is  VMC-AVM1.  We carry them on the right. (or down below if you are reading this on a mobile device)

This cable will convert the new Multi-Port connection over to the AV/R jack that is needed to connect the LANC adapter cables to the 2013 model of Sony Camcorders listed below.  Scroll down the page and read the 2013 Notes.

Sony 2013 Model Camcorders

Sony 2013 Model Camcorders

NOTE: About Sony 2014, 2015 and 2016 Camcorders

The 2014 camcorders from Sony still have the Multi-Port jack, however, Sony has made the VMC-AVM1 adapter cable incompatible with the 2014, 2015 and 2016 camcorders and they have changed the LANC interface to a non-standard format.  So the only remote that will work with the 2014, 2015 and 2016 camcorders is the RM-VPR1 from Sony.  This has a very short cable length.  However, we are making 2 cables that will be longer.  One is 12ft and the other cable is 27ft.  Here is the page for the new extension cables for Sony RM-VPR1, VCT-VPR1 and VCT-VPR100.

Sony 2014 Models


Sony 2015 Models


Sony 2016 Models


NOTE: These models do offer Wifi for remote control, however, it is not very responsive and take up to a couple of  seconds to respond to the command making not very useful.

Only the models listed above are affected.  If your video camera is NOT listed, then it will work with no problems.

MORE NOTES:  Please Read.

2011 Notes:
This is what Sony did to these models: ONLY the 2011 video cameras listed above, so when you plug in a cable with a LANC connector, it disables the composite video output. You can still using the HDMI jack to get video out. You can thank Sony for this ridiculous change to the AV/R jack on only the 2011.

2012 Notes:
In 2012, Sony put the AV/R jack back to the way it was before 2011.  So you will not have any problems with these camcorders.

2013 Notes:
On the 2013 models, Sony changed the LANC port to a new design, it is now called a Multi-Port. You will need to purchase the VMC-AVM1 adapter cable from Sony.

2014, 2015 and 2016 Notes:
On the 2014, 2015 and 2016 models listed above, Sony has made a change to the Multi-Port and the VMC-AVM1 will NOT work.  On these models you can control the record/zoom functions with the Sony RM-VPR1 remote or you have to use WiFi.  Now, the WiFi is not very responsive and can take up to a couple of seconds for the camera to respond to your command to zoom, record or focus.  This makes the WiFi not very useful.  However, we are making 2 cables that will be longer.  One is 12ft and the other cable is 27ft.  Here is the page for the new extension cables for Sony RM-VPR1, VCT-VPR1 and VCT-VPR100.

So if you video camera is NOT listed above, you have nothing to worry about.

A few people have asked, why didn't we use a right angle 10 pin connector on our LANC Adapter. The reason is, on some cameras, if you plug in a right angle 10 pin connector, it will cover some of the buttons/function switches on the video camera.

NOTE:  We do NOT make custom cables. Sorry.

These cables do NOT work on the Sony EX1, EX1R and EX3 Video Cameras. The Sony EX1, EX1r, EX3 video cameras are from Sony's Pro/Broadcast division. Even though they have an A/V jack, these video cameras do NOT use LANC Controls. It takes a special Lens Controller to control the zoom and record/pause. The LANC adapter will NOT work on the EX1, EX1r EX3 and other video cameras from the Pro/Broadcast division.

Lanc Adapter for Sony Camcorder

LANC and Audio/Video Adapter
Approx. 12 Inches Long -- $49.95

Item # lancsa

Sony Lanc Adapter Cable AV/R Pro Lanc

LANC Only Adapter  - Heavy Duty
Approx. 6 Inches Long -- $29.95

Item # lanc10a

sony multi terminal to av/r adapter vmc-avm1

Sony VMC-AVM1 Multiport Adapter -- $29.99
See note on left side of page.

Item # vmcavm1

RCA Female to Female Adapter

RCA Female to Female Coupler -- $0.89
Item # RCAFF


Lanc Extension Cables

Lanc Remote Controller Menu

Customer Comments:

"Your LANC10a works perfectly with my Sony tripod that has a built-in remote.  Thanks for coming out with this cable."  Dr. Ben McDonald, Reading PA.

"Dave from Studio 1 Productions has gone above and beyond to help troubleshoot my video output problems with my Sony HDR-CX360V video camera and LANCSA cable. I would highly recommend them because of their high quality products and their great customer service. Looking forward to continuing to be your customer."  Mike Yoneda, High Angle Video

"I built my own End Zone Camera shooting High School football games.  All I needed was a way to get the video and LANC out of my Sony CX260 video camera.  After searching on the web, I found your LANC adapter cable with the A/V outputs.  Just what I was looking for.  I ordered and it arrived in a few days.  It works perfectly!!!  I now have Video/Audio output and LANC control for my End Zone Camera.  Great stuff."  Danny Moore, Chicago, Ill.

"Just want to let you know after trying several other LANC only adapters, I finally found one that has a tight 2.5mm jack and that is yours.  I was beginning to think the 2.5mm jack was going to be a problem for me, but with you LANC adapter, once I plug in the 2.5mm plug, your adapter it the only one I found to hold it in place tightly.  Great work guys."  Brad Connor, Internet Email.

"Our school needed a LANC Adapter cable for our End Zone Video Camera that we where building.  After calling in and talking to someone about what we needed, we ordered the 4ft LANC Adapter cable, the 25ft LANC Extension cable and the 25ft video cable and a ProZoom 2 Lanc Controller, all from Studio 1 Productions.  Everything arrived two days later.  We connected everything up just as your sales person told us to and everything worked perfectly!  I couldn't be a happier customer.  Jeff Platt, Email

90 Day Warranty, 20 Day Return Policy

LANC-SA Adapter Cable
LANC Adapter Cable
Pro LANC Adapter Cable
Sony LANC Adapter Cable
Sony 10 pin "D" Connection
AV/R Cable   AV/R LANC Cable
Sony multi terminal to AV/R adapter VMC-AMV1