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Consumer Version LANC Remote Controller

Popular for End Zone Cameras
Works with Sony, Canon and select JVC Video Cameras that have a LANC jack.

Not for Blackmagic cameras

Lanc Remote Control

Consumer LANC Remote -- $39.95

On Sale $29.95
Item # Lancrm


Lanc Remote Menu Button

Lanc Zoom Controller

This LANC controller offers the following functions:

1. Zoom In and Zoom Out.  Push the Zoom button half way down for a slower zoom speed or press the Zoom button all of the way down for a faster zoom speed.

2. Power the camera on and off from a switch on the side of the  controller.

3. Record/Pause Button.

4. Photo Button.

5. Green LED shows if the camera is powered on or off.

6. Red LED will light up when recording.  NOTE:  This function does not work with some older video cameras.  This is not a problem with our Professional LANC controller.

It installs on tripod arm or tripod leg via the built-in clamp.

Due to the low cost, this is a popular model for End Zone cameras.

The Consumer LANC Remote works with most Sony, Canon and select JVC video cameras.  If you own a Canon video camera, make sure it has a LANC jack on the video camera.  Sony video cameras have LANC jacks, however, there are different style LANC jacks.

This controller comes with a 2.5mm plug.  Some Sony cameras have a 10 pin "D" connector or a mini-USB style connector.  Please check out the LANC Adapter Cables page if your video camera does not have the standard 2.5mm jack.

NOTE:  This model does not allow control over the focus and only offers two zoom speeds.

Sony Lanc Adapter Cable

The LANC Remote Controller plugs into the standard LANC 2.5 mm jack found on most Sony, Canon and select JVC video cameras.

Lanc Controller Port

"If you have a newer Sony video camera that has the "D" A/V connector, as shown below

Lanc Port

you will need an adapter cable, found on this page to connect a LANC Zoom Controller to your camera.

JVC has added LANC control to the following video cameras:
JVC GY-HM300 **
JVC-GY-HM850 **

** Lens control with the GY-LS300, GY-HM850 and GY-HM890 video cameras will depend on the lens being used. Some functions may not be controllable.

LANC Extension Cables
The LANC controller comes with a built-in 3ft. cable, however there are times when you may need a longer cable, like when you have your camera on a jib arm, so we now have LANC data extension cables. They work any LANC zoom controller.

Lanc Extension Cable

18 Inch LANC Ext. Cable -- $5.95
Item # LANC18
6ft LANC Extension Cable -- $10.95
Item # Lanc6
12ft LANC Extension Cable -- $15.95
Item # Lanc12
25ft LANC Extension Cable -- $19.95
Item # Lanc25
50ft LANC Extension Cable -- $34.95
Item # Lanc50
100ft LANC Extension Cable -- $49.95
Item # Lanc100

90 Day Warranty, 20 Day Return Policy