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Halo Rig Stabilizers for Video and DSLR Cameras

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Halo Rig HD Stabilizer HaloRig
Camera Not Included

HaloRig HD - Our Price $149.99
Item # HRHD


The Halo Rig HD Video Camera Stabilizer is one of the best ways to stabilize your camera when hand-held shots are just too shaky.

The HaloRig HD Stabilizer is an affordable alternative to the expensive other types of circular stabilizer rigs. You will get amazing results with the Halo Rig HD.

With it's semi-circle design, the Halo Rig allows you to hold the rig with two hands like you would hold a steering wheel. This will give you very steady and smooth results.

The HaloRig HD can be mounted on a tripod or a tripod quick release plate. Mounts to ANY Consumer / Pro-sumer / and most other small form PRO SD & HD cameras.

The Halo Rig HD will handle video cameras up to 10 pounds.  The HaloRigs are approx. 20" by 19" and weights 1.5 pounds.  Due to the odd size box that the Halo Rigs are shipped to you in, they will generally ship in a separate box from other products.

Halo Rig HD Demo Video

Halo Rig Video Camera Stabilizerin Action

Halo Rig Accessory Mounting Kit
Add an accessory shoe (hot shoe) to the Halo Rig.
Each Halo Rig Accessory Mounting Kit (shown above) will allow you to add an accessory shoe to the Halo Rig.

HaloRig Accessory Mounting Kit -- $11.99
Item # HRKIT


Add up to 3 accessory shoes (hot shoes) to the Halo Rig as shown below.

HaloRig FigRig Stabilizer

There are 3 evenly placed holes on the top of the Halo Rig for adding up to 3 hot shoe mounting kits for mounting video lights, shotgun mics, wireless receivers or anything else that will mount into a hot shoe.

Halo Rig Demo

Please be patient while the sample video downloads
and starts to play.

HaloRig Video Camera Stabilizer In Use

HaloRig Like a Fig Rig

Video Shoot with the HaloRig

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Customer Comments

"The HaloRig does a great job at stabilizing moving video shots.  i use it when I am shooting Real Estate Videos as I walk through a home.  I find it much easier to use than some of the other stabilizers I have tried in the past."  Amy Pattersen, New Orleans, LA.

"As a film school student, I had seen the FigRig in use by other students, but I could not afford one.  Then I saw another student using the Halo Rig.  I asked him if he could show me some footage he shot with it and once I saw that, I was sold.  He told me he ordered it from Studio 1 Productions.  Later that afternoon, I ordered mine.  The price, quality and the fact that I can mount it on my tripod quick release is just awesome."  Tony Reynolds, NYC

"I keep my Halo Rig attached to the quick release plate form my tripod all the time now.  It's great to go from a tripod shot, a fluid movement shot by just releasing the quick release plate.  For me, I found holding on the Halo Rig at different positions give me a different amount of stabilization, very cool."  Eric Sakowski, Memphis, TN

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