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Articulating Friction Arms

Two Sizes - 11 Inch and 7 Inch Variable Friction Arm

Friction Arm
Each size is sold separately.

7 Inch Friction Arm -- $23.99
Item # FA7

11 Inch Friction Arm -- $28.99
Item # FA11


The Variable Friction Arm Features:

  • Large center locking knob to lock all three movements.
  • Variable friction and locking position obtained by adjusting the center knob.
  • Hot shoe adapter to fit DSLR cameras and video cameras.
  • Standard 1/4-20 screw mounts at each end of the Friction Arm.
  • Ideal for mounting accessories exactly at any angle that you need.
  • Built Solid - Made from Aluminum
  • When fully extended the Friction Arm is either 11 inches or 7 inches depending on which version you are using.
  • The 7 inch Friction Arm weights only 7 oz.
  • The 11 inch Friction Arm weights only 8.5 oz.
  • Either models hold up to 6.5 pounds.

Magic Friction Arm
Magic Friction Arm
Friction Arm on Skate Dolly

The articulating Friction Arm mount is a versatile Camera and equipment mount.  It can be attached directly to the your camera, a skate dolly or other equipment for mounting, LCD Monitors, LED Video Lights, Audio Equipment or virtually any thing else that mounts with a accessory shoe mount or a 1/4-20 threaded mount.

The arm has three moving joints and can be quickly adjusted and locked into countless positions with a single knob.  This is the improved design to prevent slippage.

Friction Arm Mounts

As shown above, the articulating Friction Arm has two 1/4"-20 male threads that are the standard size for photo and video equipment.  In addition, there is a shoe mount for mounting the Friction Arm to the top of your DSLR or Video Camera.

DSLR Articulating Arm

A popular use of the variable Friction Arm is with the Skate Dolly for mounting DSLR cameras or video cameras, along with LED Video Lights and LCD Monitors, as shown below.

DSLR Friction Arm with Skate Dolly

Skate Dolly and LCD Monitor sold separately.
Camera, Skate Dolly and LCD Monitor are NOT included with the Friction Arm.  This is to show you how you can mount different equipment with the Friction Arm.

1 Year Warranty, 20 Day Return Policy.

The Friction Arm is also called a:
Magic Arm
Friction Arm
Articulating Arm
LCD Monitor Arm
LED Video Light Arm

Camera Supports