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UV and Skylight Filters
for Protecting Your Camera Lens!

Lens Filters

Dirt, finger prints, oil from you skin, rain and other things can ruin your camera lens. Even cleaning the camera lens by wiping it off can scratch the lens if it is not done properly. Why take the chance? Simply screw on a UV Filter to protect your camera lens from damage. If you ever damage or scratch the filter, simply replace it. It's much better to damage an inexpensive UV lens filter than your expensive camera lens. Protect your investment, order a UV filter today.

Check you video camera to see which size filter you need for protection.

You can find what size UV filter you need by looking in your video camera's owners manual. Look in the specification section of the manual.

UV Filter 37mm -- $9.99
Item # UV37

UV Filter 43mm -- $9.99
Item # UV43

UV Filter 49mm -- $9.99
Item # UV49

UV Filter 52mm -- $9.99
Item # UV52

UV Filter 55mm -- $9.99
Item # UV55

UV Filter 58mm -- $10.99
Item # UV58

UV Filter 62mm -- $11.99
Item # UV62

UV Filter 72mm -- $19.99
Item # UV72