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Customer Service Frequently Asked Questions

(Scroll down the page to read each one)

What is your Return Policy: Here is our Return Policy Page.

What Is Your Refund Policy On Animations, Music, Software, Sound Effect, Stock Photos, Videos, DVD's and Stock Footage?
There are NO refunds on animations, music, software, sound effects, stock photos, videos, DVD's, and stock footage since they can be copied still used after the masters have been returned. Defective items will items will be exchanged for the EXACT same item. There are NO exceptions to this policy.

Privacy Policy Here is our Privacy Policy Page

Payment Questions
We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, Money Orders, PayPal (see below) for USA and Canada orders.

International Orders we accept ONLY PayPal.

Personal or Business Checks:   ALL personal or Business Checks are held until out bank notifies us that it has cleared.  Depending on the banks involved, this can take up to 20 days from the date we deposit the check until our bank notifies us.   You are better off using a money order as this speeds thing ups dramatically.

Price Quotes
This page explains how to generate a price quote.

Shipping Questions

What shipping methods do you use?
We ship via UPS and the Post Office.  Here is More Information on Shipping Rates and Options.

Do you ship international?
Yes.  Please Note: International orders (except Canada) MUST be paid with PayPal.

Can you ship via FED-EX if we give you our FED-EX account number?
No not at this time.

If we give you our UPS number can you charge that?
No that is not an option with our current software.

Why do packages have to be signed for? This is to protect you and Studio 1 Productions. We have had people who have had packages stolen or claim to have been stolen when they are left at the front door. By signing for the package, it allows us to make sure a responsible person has accepted the package. Also, the credit card companies are starting to recommend this, and in some cases, they require the package to signed for.

Please note: Any package that is refused or undeliverable, you will be charged for the returned shipping cost along with the original shipping cost and a 15% restocking fee. Return shipping costs are equal to the original shipping costs. Your refund will be less these charges. NO exceptions to this.  The customer assumes all responsibilities.

If I return a product do you refund the shipping charges? No, we only refund the price of the product, less any restocking fees. There are NO refunds on animations, music, software, DVD's, stock photos or stock footage. See the first question at the top of the page for more information. If you are an international customer and you paid broker fees, taxes, etc., you will need to contact the carrier in your country to see what their policy is. We don't collect this, so we don't refund it.

Normal UPS Ground Transit Time:

West Coast - Approx. 6 to 8 business days
Midwest - Approx. 4 to 6 business days
Northeast - Approx. 3 to 4 business days
Southeast - Approx. 2 to 3 business days
(Florida 1 to 2 business days)
Business Days = Monday thru Friday and does not count the day the item was shipped on.

UPS Delivery Guarantee
The guarantee DOES NOT apply to UPS shipments that contain incorrect or incomplete addresses, UPS shipments that are delayed due to causes beyond UPS’s control, including but not limited to, the following: the unavailability or refusal of a person to accept delivery of the shipment; acts of God; acts of public authorities acting with actual or apparent authority; acts or omissions of customs or similar authorities; insufficient information provided by a customer; Hazardous Materials packages improperly offered for transport; the application of security regulations imposed by the government, or otherwise applicable to the shipment; riots, strikes or other labor disputes; civil unrest; disruptions in air or ground transportation networks; and natural disasters. Studio 1 Productions is NOT responsible for delays in shipments caused by UPS, or incorrect or incomplete address information.

Once UPS, the Post Office or shipping carrier shows the package has been Delivered the customer will assume all responsible for the package. Studio 1 Production will not be held responsible for any package lost, stolen or missing once UPS, the Post Office or the shipping carrier shows the package has been delivered.

Catalogs and Postal Mailings
Do you have a catalog?  We are no longer printing catalogs. With more and more people shopping on the web and less people using catalogs and flyers, we found it has become cost prohibited to print and mail out catalogs and flyers. In addition, we are constantly adding new products, which was making the catalogs out of date within a few weeks of mailing them out.

Can I purchase just a single Animation or Stock Footage Clip?
All Animations and Stock Footage are only available as a collection, therefore you must buy the entire disk. All of the Animations and Stock Footage are already burned onto DVD's or CD's and are ready to ship.

Can I download the Animations or Stock Footage ?
We provide you with high quality, uncompressed animations and stock footage, therefore, due to the large file sizes, downloading is not an option. Some of the animation packages come on 3 DVD's, this is over 14 gigabytes. Even single animation clips are very large, some being 300 megabytes to 1 gigabyte for each clip.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to call us. Our phone number is below.