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Clapboard - Clapperboard - Movie Clapboard

Clapboards are also known as Film Slates, Movie Slates, Clapperboards, a Director's Slate
and a Director's Clapboard

Clapboard also known as a Clapperboard
Clapboard Film Slate

9.75" x 12" Pro Clapboard Color -- was $49.99

Now - $39.99


You can click on this link for information on How to use a Film Clapboard.

Professional Clapboard with Color Bars

This is our most popular Clapboard.  This a Professional Clapperboard with color bars on the clap sticks.  This clapperboard measures 9.75" x 12" and it a white acrylic.  This is the most popular among film makers and professionals videographers.  It is made from 1/8” acrylic and it can be back-lit for night shots.

The sticks feature color bars to help match colors during editing when color correction maybe applied.  The sticks contain a small magnet to keep the sticks together when transporting.  They are hinged by rigid steel plates and screws to insure continued, rigorous use by professionals.  The writing area is 8" x 12".

You can use either Dry Erase or Wet Erase markers.  Please note, some dry erase markers may stain the board.  So we recommend using ONLY the Expo Vis-a-Vis Pen Wet Erase.  They are use with overhead projectors.  It wipes off easily with a damp paper towel or damp cloth.   You can order these directly from us.  See the Clap Pen Below.

This is a quality built Clapboard.  This same board sells in Hollywood for around $98.  Be careful of cheap clapboards, they have problems with the paint coming off the clap sticks, they don't use a high quality 1/8" acrylic board, they are generally only a 1/16" plastic board and the overall construction is not very good.

We have sold our Clapperboards to TV and Film production companies, indie film makers and videographers around the world.

Note: You may find other Clapboards  that look like this model, however, they are not a full size Clapboard.  They are a much smaller size and they are poorly made.

Other models of Clapboards that we offer.

Labeling The Clapboard Slate or Film Clapboard

While the white type of clapboard will work with most Dry Erase pens, we really don't recommend them.  The reason is they can stain the clapboard.  We strongly recommend using the Clapboard Wet Erase Pen that is sold on the left side of the screen.

Besides writing in the name of the Production, Directory, Camera and the Date. You can always use removable vinyl letters and numbers. The ones we have used are made by Chartpak and are called Pickett Design Vinyl Numbers/Letters Stickers, 3/4", Black. You can get them in other sized, but the 3/4 inch ones fit the best.