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Hollywood Clapboard - Hollywood Clapperboard - Movie Clapboard

A Clapboard can be known by a variety of names, such as Film Slates, Movie Slates, Clapperboards, a Director's Slate and a Director's Clapboard

Hollywood Clapboard also known as a Clapperboard

9.5" x 11" Clapboard Standard  -- $34.99


Clapboard - Old Hollywood Style

This is the original style of Hollywood Clapboards.  Back in the day, before the white acrylic clapboards came out, (see below), they used a chalk style clapboard for film and TV productions.  However, with chalk being kind of messy, when the white acrylic clapperboards came out, crews started switching to them.

Today, while some people still use them in productions, most people are using them a a prop or decoration, even though it is still a working clapboard.

It features wooden clap sticks and the blackboard is designed to be written on with chalk.  It measures 9.5" x 11".

We recommend you use a higher grade of chalk on this board as some of the *mart stores carry a low grade chalk with a wax component which can make writing on the clapboard difficult.

You can click on this link for information on How to use a Film Clapboard.

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