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Camera Caddy
for DSLR and Video Cameras

A simple handheld stabilizer for shooting smooth videos.
ideal for Skateboard videos, Snowboard videos and other action sports.

Camera Caddy for DSLR and Video Cameras Studio 1 Productions
Weights only 12.5 oz.

Camera Caddy -- Only $29.95


The Camera Caddy is an incredible little device to achieve smooth shots with a video camera or DSLR camera.

The Camera Caddy is used by professional and amateur users around the world.  In fact, it has been used by videographers at the World Cup Skateboarding events.

Whether you are shooting skateboarding, snowboarding or other extreme sports, the Camera Caddy from Studio 1 Productions is the tool you need to get those smooth shots.

Using the Camera Caddy is not limited to sports.  We have a lot of videographers using the Camera Caddy during the receptions at weddings and at other events where they need to move around while maintaining a smooth shot.

There is a accessory shoe attachment for adding a video light, shotgun mic, wireless receiver and more.  If you need addition shot attachments simply use the Tri-Mount multiple shoe mount.

DSLR Camera Caddy Studio 1 Productions

The Camera Caddy uses the weight of your DSLR or video camera to stabilize shots for ultra-smooth video by reducing the camera shake.  The single piece handheld stabilizer that has a curved handle on top that connects to the base plate.

It is simple to use, just place your camera on the base, secure it with the large thumbscrew and let gravity take over.  It can also be mounted on most tripods.

The C-Shape design fits all for mini camcorders and DSLR cameras.  And you can flip out the LCD screen so you can see what you are shooting.


  • Fits compact video cameras, camcorders and DSLR cameras with a standard 1/4-20 thread
  • Padded handle for more comfort during use
  • Shoe-mount compatible with all Pro & Consumer video camcorders and DSLR cameras
  • Rugged High-grade ABS impact-absorbent plastic
  • Non-slip rubber rails
  • Max camera height: 5"
  • Light weight, only 12 oz.
  • Dimensions: 8.25" X 9.75" X 3.50" H x L x W.

20 Day Return Policy.
1 Year USA Warranty

The Camera Caddy allows the DSLR or video camera operator to make quick and sudden movements in a smooth fashion that will not cause jerky shots.  It's perfect for action shots and run and gun situations.

The Camera Caddy is the skateboard camera handle that is used to shoot awesome skateboard videos, snowboard videos and other action sport videos.

DSLR Camera Caddy Studio 1 Productions

Perfect for Video Cameras

Cam Caddy for Video Camera Studio 1 Productions

And for DSLR Cameras

skateboard camera handle Studio 1 Productions

Video Camera Caddy Studio 1 Productions

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