Fcous / Zoom Levers

We offer two different Zoom or Focus Levers depending upon your needs.  Both models are adjustable in size and completely reusable.  Each version offers a long lever arm for an easier reach and a more precise control over the focus or zoom ring on the lens.  Not only will the FZLever give you a more precise control, but you can easily do wip zooms or wip focus shots.  There is no problem using two of the Focus Zoom levers on your camera, one for the focus ring and one for the zoom ring.  No tools are required.
Price $9.99 and $14.99 depending on the model.

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Two Free Programs to Help You Keep Your Editing System Running at It’s Best

There are two programs that I use to keep all of our computer systems running smoothly and these programs are FREE from Auslogic.com

The first program is a Registy Cleaner.  I recommending running this at least once a month and before you install a new program and alway after you unintall a program.   The second program is a Disk Defrag program.  While Windows comes with a Disk Defrag program, it’s slow and doesn’t do that great of a job.  The Auslogics Disk Defrag program is very fast and does a great job.  Here is a video that shows you how to setup both program and how they work.

I have seen a lot problems get fixed in Adobe Premiere and After Effect by running the Registry Cleaner.  For example, one gentleman contacted me with this problem.  When ever he would set Adobe Premiere to run the Mercury Playback Engine in the GPU mode, it would rest back to the Software mode every time he exited Premire.  I suggested he run the Auslogics Registry Cleaner, he did and it found over 1000 registry errors.  He clicked the Repair button in the registry cleaner, once that finished, Adobe Premiere would let him set the Mercury Playback Engine to run int he GPU mode and keep it that way.

The Disk Defrag is a fast defrag progam.  I recommend running it once a week and every time you load footage that you will be editing.  This will allow the video footage to be read in a continuous format, thus speeding up the how fast the footage is being loaded into your video editing program.

Studio 1 Productions is not affilated with Auslogics.  We are just happy users of their programs for severa years now.

How to Install Twitch in Premiere Pro CS5, CS5.5, CS6, CC, CC 2014 and CC2015

Twitch, from VideoCopilot.net is a cool plug-in for Adobe After Effects for creating chaos, jumping, jittering and twitching effects.  Watch the demo below.


However, while Twitch is marketed for Adobe After Effects, we found a way to use Twitch in Adobe Premiere CS5, CS5.5 and CS6.

When you buy Twitch, it also comes with a number of Presets for After Effects. However, these Presets will not work in Premiere. But don’t worry, I have recreated all of the Twitch Presets in Premiere and you can download them below.

Once you buy Twitch, just follow the instructions I wrote to copy the twitch files and the presets I recreated for Twitch into Premiere CS5, CS5.5 and CS6.

In addition, the instructions will explain how to install Twitch and the After Effects Twitch Preset that come with Twitch into After Effects CS5, CS5.5 or CS6, just in case you have After Effects.

Click here for the Install Program and the Twitch Presets for Premiere.

FREE – Cinema FX Presets for Adobe Premiere

Here are 56 presets for Adobe Premiere CS5, CS5.5 and CS6 that will give your videos a more cinematic coloring look.  The presets are totally free.

The presets works with NTSC and PAL, and any video resolution size.  All presets are made with Premiere’s built-in controls.

NOTE: You will find that the presets will give you different results depending on the footage, the lighting of the shot, etc.  You can adjust the preset controls to achieve the desired effect.  All presets were made by the staff at Studio 1 Productions.

Click Here to Download and Instructions on how to install Cinema FX Presets.

DVD on LED Video Lighting

NOTE: We have discontinued this DVD.

While this DVD mainly for interviews, the lighting techniques presented are good for most lighting situations.  Whether you are shooting an instructional video, corporate video or most other types of videos, the ligthing and overall look is critical.

Regardless of your budget, what type of camera you use, what kind of video you’re shooting, or how much time you have to set up, there’s really no excuse for not consistently shooting great looking interviews.

And once you’ve mastered the fundamentals of shooting interviews, you can carry those skills over into any production environment because the basic principles of good lighting are universal.

But shooting great-looking interviews is NOT just about lighting. Lighting is only one piece of the puzzle. This 90-minute instructional DVD has been produced by well-known instructor, Doug Jensen, to teach anyone how to use camera placement, lighting, composition, depth-of-field, exposure, and white balance to create great-looking interviews.