DVD on LED Video Lighting

NOTE: We have discontinued this DVD.

While this DVD mainly for interviews, the lighting techniques presented are good for most lighting situations.  Whether you are shooting an instructional video, corporate video or most other types of videos, the ligthing and overall look is critical.

Regardless of your budget, what type of camera you use, what kind of video you’re shooting, or how much time you have to set up, there’s really no excuse for not consistently shooting great looking interviews.

And once you’ve mastered the fundamentals of shooting interviews, you can carry those skills over into any production environment because the basic principles of good lighting are universal.

But shooting great-looking interviews is NOT just about lighting. Lighting is only one piece of the puzzle. This 90-minute instructional DVD has been produced by well-known instructor, Doug Jensen, to teach anyone how to use camera placement, lighting, composition, depth-of-field, exposure, and white balance to create great-looking interviews.