Instructions on how to see the Record Status and Battery Indicator for Sony Camcorders using an External HDMI LCD Monitor.

If you are using a Sony camcorder for an EndZone camera or on a Jib, you will probably want to see if the camera is Recording and what the battery status is.  The problem is this information isn’t displayed on an external HDMI LCD monitor.  This is because the Sony camcorders output a clean HDMI signal.  In other words, they don’t display any status information on the HDMI video output.

Well there is a hidden way to get the camcorder to display this information when using the HDMI output from the camcorder.  Simply follow the instructions below and you will now have the record status, battery life indicator, etc. displayed on your external HDMI monitor.

1. Open the Sony camera’s LCD screen.

2. Press the menu button.

3. On the menu, select Camera/Mic.  That will bring up another menu.

4. Scroll down to “Low Lux” and make sure it is set to OFF

5. Then continue scrolling down to “Scene Selection” and select that.

6. You will see Icons on the bottom of the screen.  Scroll across to the arrow icon, it looks like this    >

7. Press the  >  icon   AND DO NOT PRESS any other buttons.
Do NOT turn the camera off, just plug in the cable for the external LCD monitor.

As long as you leave the camera on and in this setting,  you will have the Record Status on the external LCD Monitor via the HDMI jack.  If you power off the camera, you will need to follow these instructions again.

If you are using an EndZone setup or a Jib Arm, you will now be able to see if you are recording and what the battery level is.