Trouble with Adobe’s Creative Cloud, the next update for Premiere, After Effect, etc

If you haven’t heard Adobe is moving everything to the Creative Cloud and you will now have to “rent” the software each month with a annual contract.

Right now they are offering you a special price of $29.95 per month for the first year.  Then the price goes up to $49.95 a month.  You will get all of programs you had in the Creative Suite package and you can run the software on two different computers.

Now stop and think about this.  If I am paying $50 a month for the next 5 years, that comes to $3000 and that is they done raise the prices, which you know they will.

What if you are running Adobe products on 3 computer?  Well, you will need 2 subscriptions.  That will be $100 a month or $6000 over 3 years.

This brings up another major concern, how often is Adobe going to be raising the prices and how much are they going to be raise by.

If you sign up for the Creative Cloud and later decide you can’t afford it or don’t want to pay a monthly fee to Adobe, then they will deactivate your software and you have nothing.  That’s right nothing.  You won’t be able to open any of the work you created with the Creative Cloud software.  There is no exit plan for the customer.  It’s like once you decide to stop paying for the Creative Cloud, you never existed as far as Adobe is concerned.

Not everyone upgrades each time a new version was release.  They may upgrade to CS5 and then skip CS5.5 and upgrade to CS6 over the course of 5 years.  Upgrade this way is a whole lot less expensive than paying a monthly subscription.

This has people in an uproar on forum all over the net, especially the Adobe forums.

Yesterday, the Adobe forum moderators move all of the posting in to two locations.  You should read them and the arguments for the pro’s and con’s of this new subscription model.   They are:

I strongly recommend you read the posts in the forums.

Adobe will NOT be offering their software where you could purchase it and use it for as long as you like or until you upgrade to the next version.  This was call a perpetual license.  The perpetual license will NOT be available on the new version of the Adobe software.

Now if you have, let’s say, CS5 or CS5.5 or CS6, you can keep using it.  However, there will not be any upgrade for the older versions.  You just have to use it as it is.  The good thing is you don’t have to pay monthly to use the software, because when you bought it, it came with a perpetual license.

Now Adobe said they will keep selling CS6, but for how long, nobody knows.  Some people on the forums have tried to buy upgrades from CS5 to CS6 and they couldn’t.  They could only buy a whole new package, as if you are a first time buyer.  People are mad about this too.

A lot of people have lost their trust in Adobe.

So what are people doing?

1. Some people are just going to the Creative Cloud and pay Adobe for the rest of their life and just hope they don’t raise their price too much.  Now remember, once they stop or cancel the subscription, they will have nothing to show for it.  It will be like they never had it in the first place.

2. Other people are just going to say on what ever version they have and hope it will be compatible with future operating systems.

3. While other people are taking this route.  They are not giving Adobe another penny of their money and they are either starting to look around at different software or they are making the move to new software right now.

Number 3 is the way I am going.  I am not giving Adobe another penny.  When I found out about all of this on Monday, May 6, I was furious.  I was planning on upgrade to the new version because of all of the bugs in Premiere CS6.

Oh, what about the bugs in Premiere CS6, is Adobe at least going to fix them?  No.  They say the might, but some of the bugs will require major over haul to the software and Adobe is not going to go back and fix the problems.

The problems are fix in the Creative Cloud version that will be release around June 17.  While that’s nice, how about all of us who paid for the CS6 Master Collection?  We have to either suffer with the bugs or switch over to the subscription Creative Cloud.  Neither of these choices are sitting to well with their customers.

So when I found out about this new subscription model, I decide I was done with Adobe.  I started download trail software from other video editing software packages.  Now, I have worked with Adobe products for over 15 years and I am very use to Premiere and how it works.  So when I started trying out these different trail packages I found myself thinking “this is how you do it Premiere, the way they are doing is strange”.

Once I realized I was doing that, I had to approach it as if I was just learning how to edit videos for the first time.  I watched different training videos on YouTube and Vimeo for each of the software packaged I was testing out and found that this was very helpful.

By Wednesday I had decided to move over to Sony Vegas Pro 12 Suite.  This package give you Sony Vegas Pro 12, 2D and 3D titling and another program called HitFilm 2 Ultimate.  This HitFilm 2 Ultimate is similar to After Effects.

All of these programs use the video card’s GPU for increase speed and a better work flow.

For a replacement to Photoshop, I am working with the trail version of Corel Paint Shop Pro X5 Ultimate.

It can open and work with .PSD files from Photoshop and it does offer some high features that Photoshop has.  Even though this package is price less than $100, it is a pretty powerful program.

For those of you who don’t want to spend a lot of money on video editing software, then check out Sony Movie Studio Platinum Visual Effects Suite 2.  Yes, that is a mouth full.  The Move Studio package are built from the Vegas Pro software so they look and operate almost identical.

The reason I said to check out the Sony Movie Studio Platinum Visual Effects Suite 2, it because it come with HitFilm 2 Express.  This is a stripped down version of the Ultimate version that comes in Sony Vegas Pro 12 Suite.

One thing about Sony Vegas and Sony Movie Studio is you do NOT need as much computing power that you did with Premiere and After Effects.  They will run on older computer systems, were Premiere and After Effects would choke.

If you are going to walk away from Adobe, like I did and so many other are doing, make sure you download the trail version to the software you are looking at.  Watch some videos on YouTub or Vimeo to get yourself up to speed on the different packages.