Goodbye to Adobe Creative Suite and Hello to Adobe’s Creative Cloud

Adobe has announced the rebranding of the Creative Suite (CS) tools to CC (Creative Cloud).   Creative Cloud will allow you to run on two machines concurrently.
Adobe has announced at its Max conference in Los Angeles today, it’s about to stop selling shrink-wrapped versions and perpetual licenses of its Creative Suite.
Creative Cloud, is a subscription service for getting all of its tools for designers, photographers, videographers, web developers and audio professionals. Going forward, this will be the only way to get access to its tools.

Most Max attendees probably expected Adobe to reveal Creative Suite 7 today. Instead, the Creative Suite name is actually going away in favor of Creative Cloud, which won’t have traditional version numbers anymore.   For Adobe, of course, this also means the company is now making the move to a new business model, where the focus will be squarely on subscriptions and not on selling boxed software, licenses and upgrades anymore.

This means you can NOT buy a license for After Effects or Premiere or any other product.  You will have to  buy a subscription to use the software.