Video Tearing (or Video out of Sync) in your Editing Software

In the picture below I have pointed out what the video tearing or screen tearing looks like.

You may have seen this when you are fast forwarding or fast reversing through a video in your editing software.  Or you may have seen it in different video players such as VLC, Windows Media Player, etc.

The two most common things that will cause this is the video driver OR having Aero turned off.  First, make sure your video drivers are up to date.  Next, lets turn Aero on.

Step 1.  RIGHT click your mouse on the Desktop and a window like below will appear.

Step 2.  Click on Personalize

Step 3.  Select one of the Aero Themes as shown below.

Don’t worry you can change the Desktop Background and the Screen Saver to your liking.  However, you need to start with a Aero Theme to turn on Aero.

Once you have an Aero Theme the screen tearing or video tearing will stop.

I know some of you have read to turn off Aero on your computer to save system resources, but doing so you create other problems such as having the video tearing.