NEW – Bi-Color LED Video Light 950+ Lux

Our new Pro LED 950 video light features 160 super bright LEDs, with an effective light throw of up to 35ft.  This video light is perfect for DSLR cameras and video cameras.

The LED video light also offers adjustable lighting temperature, so you can adjust the color temperature of the light from 3200K to 5400K and adjust the light’s brightness.  Also, by using the filters, you can expand the color temperature range from 2500K to 7500K.

In addition, if you turn the Daylight (5400K) and the Tungsten (3200K) brightness all the way up, you will have a color temperature of 4100K at over 1200 Lux.

The Pro LED 950 also feature a battery power indicator.  Press the button to the left of the led power meter to activate the battery meter.

The LED Video Light base can be tilted so you can aim the light up or down.  The LED Video Light can mount on the cameras hot shoe (aka. accessory shoe) and you can mount it on a tripod with the built-in 1/4″-20 screw thread hole so your tripod can double as a light stand.

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