How to Roll Back your NVidia Video Card Drivers

Update 05/-9/2014
If you need to roll back your video drivers, simply follow these steps:

1. Go to the NVidia website

2. Put your mouse over the word Driver

3. Select GeForce Drivers

4. You will have 3 options to find the drivers for your computer. Choose Manual Driver Search

5. Select the video card series you have. For example. GeForce 600 Series

6. On the next line down, select the EXACT video card you have. For example, the GeForce GTX 660

7. Then select your operation system and the language.

8. The last line say All. Change this to Recommended/Certified

9. Click on Start Search

10. Once the screen refreshes, scroll down the page to find a previous driver.

NOTE: DO NOT use the 306.xx series of video drivers. They are buggy.

If you are looking for the 314.22 driver and it is not showing up on the list when you did the search, here are the direct links:

Desktop Computer:

Laptop Computers:

12. Agree and download the driver.

13. Then install the driver. During the installation you will be asked to select the Installation Option. IT IS IMPORTANT that you select Custom. You will then see a list of options to install. They will all be checked. At that bottom of the list there will be a check box that says Perform A Clean Installation. CHECK THAT BOX. Then let the driver install.

14. Once the driver is installed, reboot the system and see if your problems are gone.