Install Twitch for use in Adobe Premiere plus Twitch Presets

If you are not familiar with you can check it out here and see a demo of what it can do.

The Twitch plug-in from Video Copilot allow you to create distortion, chaos, jumping video frames, jittering and more. While Twitch is designed for Adobe After Effects, there is a way to use it in the following versions of Adobe Premiere:

Adobe Premiere CC 2015
Adobe Premiere CC 2014
Adobe Premiere CC
Adobe Premiere CS6
Adobe Premiere CS5.5
Adobe Premiere CS5

When you buy Twitch from Video Copilot, it also comes with presets to use in After Effects. Since these presets only work in After Effects, we recreated all of the preset in Premiere and they are available for free, along with the instructions on how to install Twitch into the above listed versions of Adobe Premiere.

So how do you get the Installation Instructions and the Premiere Presets, well everything is in this article on our web site.

NOTE:  Video Copilot does not support Twitch in Adobe Premiere.  They only provide support for it for After Effects.  Not sure why, but I guess it is because they originally wrote it for After Effects.  However, it does work in Premiere.  I know because I use it in Adobe Premiere.

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Posted by David Knarr, Studio 1 Productions, Inc.