Video Cards and the up coming Adobe Premiere CC

The new version of Adobe Premiere is being called NEXT by some, while others are calling it CS7.  If you look closely at some of the information Adobe has put out, they are calling CC.

Starting with Adobe Premiere CC, which should be release around the beginning of May 2013, you will no longer need to “unlock” the video card as Adobe is allowing all video cards to work with out having to modify the cuda_supported_cards.txt file.

In addition, this new version of Adobe Premiere CC will support OpenCL.  This mean you will be able to use AMD/ATI video cards to use the Mercury Playback Engine in  GPU mode.

Another cool thing is, starting with CC the Mercury Playback Engine will be able to use more than 1 GPU.

As soon as Adobe Premiere CC is release, I will start doing testing to compare the speed difference between using OpenCL and CUDA with various video cards.  I will be updating this article frequently as soon as  Adobe Premiere CC is released, so I can keep you informed of the changes.

New Benchmark Results for NVidia Video Cards and Adobe Premiere

I just did an update on my article about Video Cards and Adobe Premiere.  The update is new benchmark results with and without the GPU enabled using the following video cards:
GT-240, GTX-550 Ti, GTX-570, GT-640, GTX 650 Ti, GTX 650 Ti Boost, GTX-660, GTX-670, GTX-680 and a Quadro 4000 video card.

Here is a link to the article: