Sony Multiport Connector Male with access to all 15pins

We are now selling a male Sony Multiport connector, which is also called the Multi/Micro USB Terminal that is found on newer Camcorders, Cybershot Cameras and Sony DSLR and AX series of cameras.

The Sony Multiport connector has a soldering tab for access to all 15 pins. The pins are labeled as you can see in the photo below.

This connector is perfect for DIY projects and for building your own custom equipment for remote control.

Here is the page for more information or to order the Sony Multiport connector:

Instructions on how to see the Record Status and Battery Indicator for Sony Camcorders using an External HDMI LCD Monitor.

If you are using a Sony camcorder for an EndZone camera or on a Jib, you will probably want to see if the camera is Recording and what the battery status is.  The problem is this information isn’t displayed on an external HDMI LCD monitor.  This is because the Sony camcorders output a clean HDMI signal.  In other words, they don’t display any status information on the HDMI video output.

Well there is a hidden way to get the camcorder to display this information when using the HDMI output from the camcorder.  Simply follow the instructions below and you will now have the record status, battery life indicator, etc. displayed on your external HDMI monitor.

1. Open the Sony camera’s LCD screen.

2. Press the menu button.

3. On the menu, select Camera/Mic.  That will bring up another menu.

4. Scroll down to “Low Lux” and make sure it is set to OFF

5. Then continue scrolling down to “Scene Selection” and select that.

6. You will see Icons on the bottom of the screen.  Scroll across to the arrow icon, it looks like this    >

7. Press the  >  icon   AND DO NOT PRESS any other buttons.
Do NOT turn the camera off, just plug in the cable for the external LCD monitor.

As long as you leave the camera on and in this setting,  you will have the Record Status on the external LCD Monitor via the HDMI jack.  If you power off the camera, you will need to follow these instructions again.

If you are using an EndZone setup or a Jib Arm, you will now be able to see if you are recording and what the battery level is.

Mastering the Sony PMW-EX3 Training DVD – Special Sale

NOTE:  We are sold out of the DVD titled Mastering the Sony PMW-EX3.

We have made a special purchase of the Mastering the Sony PMW-EX3 instructional video DVD.  This is a 3 hour, in depth training video.  This video is also good for the Sony PMW-320 video camera.  We have a limited number of copies that we are selling at dealer cost of $34.95.


User Review of our ProZoom for Panasonic video cameras.

ProZoom Panasonic Review  Date of Review: February 20, 2013
By: Karl Walter Keirstead
Product Name : ProZoom Panasonic
Supplier Name:
Contact: 386 788 6075

Reviewer Status  I have no affiliation with Studio1Productions.

Overall Impressions  Excellent product, greatly improves workflow – could not find anything wrong with it. At $99, it’s a steal.
Ordering Processing  The supplier promptly filled my order and shipped the next day (I ordered on a Sunday night).
Packaging  The packing was adequate, shipments packed the same way should arrive without damage.
Instruction Sheet  The instruction sheet clearly describes the functionality.
Installation  The unit installs on a tripod handle with two long thumbscrews. The install plates are solid (metal).  I installed duct tape around the tripod handle to prevent the plates from removing surface paint on the handle.  The screws are easy to tighten/untighten.  I recommend progressive tightening followed by testing by trying gently to rotate the unit clockwise/counterclockwise. If there is no slip, do not over tighten.

All of the buttons are well-placed and of superior quality.   Left side for Focus, middle knob for Zoom (anticlockwise for W, clockwise for T), Right side for Iris.

Record  The button is well-positioned and very visible.   ZOOM  The dead zone is in the center, you hear a definite click.

Camera Setting,   ProZoom Switch Setting,   Override
Auto Zoom   Auto (up)   Camera
Manual (down)   ProZoom
Manual Zoom   Auto (up)   Camera
Manual (down)   Camera

As you dial clockwise or anticlockwise, the speed of zooming increases smoothly.  There is no bounce back either at W or at T.

FOCUS/ IRIS  The following summarizes the Focus/Iris actions with toggle switches up (auto) and down (manual)   FOCUS

Camera Setting,   ProZoom Switch Setting,   Override
Auto Focus   Auto (up)   Camera
Manual (down)   ProZoom
Manual Focus   Auto (up)   BLOCKED at ProZoom*
Manual (down)   ProZoom

*very useful, prevents inadvertent adjustment of Focus. But, guard against touching the wheel because if you switch out of auto to manual, you will probably jump to an unwanted focus setting.

Remotes have sensitive Focus wheels (the camera wheel is bigger, therefore easier to get a precise setting). Get used to the small wheels.

IRIS  Camera Setting,   ProZoom Switch Setting,   Override
Auto Iris   Auto (up)   *
Manual (down)   *
Manual Iris   Auto (up)   *
Manual (down)   ProZoom   *did not test

Cabling  The two cables are 5 feet in length. Bigger connector goes on top, smaller goes on below.  For tripod use, I reached the conclusion the cables would be best looped and tied with twist ties, one of which I put around the tripod arm. Make sure you include extra twist ties in your grab bag.   Notice how the wires are able to connect upward and can be looped around the battery down to the tripod handle.   For slider use, it would seem best to have one single coiled cable that splits into two at both ends. I don’t have a slider so I was not able to experiment or comment but it’s my understanding the usual setup finds the tripod in the middle of the slider, or at one end in some situations, so everything should be OK for both horizontal and vertical slides with five foot cables. You can buy extension cables from the supplier should you have a need to use say a 12 foot slider.

Internal Works  The unit under test was not a demo or sample. I ordered it for production use. I did not open the unit because it would invalidate the warranty.

This Review is posted at:

New Zoom Focus and Iris Controller for Panasonic Video Cameras

The Prozoom for Panasonic video cameras features larger control knobs, allow you to have a finer, more precise control over the zoom speed, focus and iris settings.  It also features a record/pause (or S/S Stop/Start) button.

As long as your Panasonic camera has the jacks for Focus/Iris and Zoom/SS as shown here, the ProZoom Pan will work with your video camera.

We built the ProZoom Pan using only the highest quality components and heavy duty push button switches and high end potentiometers to ensure precise control of your video camera.

Priced at only $119.95   For more information click here.

Fcous / Zoom Levers

We offer two different Zoom or Focus Levers depending upon your needs.  Both models are adjustable in size and completely reusable.  Each version offers a long lever arm for an easier reach and a more precise control over the focus or zoom ring on the lens.  Not only will the FZLever give you a more precise control, but you can easily do wip zooms or wip focus shots.  There is no problem using two of the Focus Zoom levers on your camera, one for the focus ring and one for the zoom ring.  No tools are required.
Price $9.99 and $14.99 depending on the model.

For more information Click Here.