AA and AAA Battery Storage Case – Hard Plastic Storage Boxes

Each Battery Storage Box will hold either 4 AA Batteries or 5 AAA Batteries.

These hard plastic battery cases hold both AA and AAA batteries as shown in the photo on the right.  The cases are made from a clear/translucent plastic and are great for storing or carrying AA and AAA batteries in your camera bag.

We only carry the higher quality battery boxes and they hold both standard and rechargeable batteries.  For more information and pricing click the link below.


Video Backgrounds Film Volume 2 just released

We have just released a new Video Background package titled Film Volume 2.  This package contains 33 HD video backgrounds that are 1920 x 1080p in Quicktime .mov  Photo JPEG, 100% Quality setting.

To see demos and for more information visit our website at:

A Word about the Quality
Studio 1 Productions only offers Professional Quality Motion Graphics and Video Backgrounds.  Our animation are QuickTime Photo-JPEG at 100% quality.  So you will have the highest quality backgrounds.  They are a true 29.97 fps for proper playback on your timeline.

Why is that important?
Other companies may offer their animations as QuickTime, but they are using the h.264 or .mp4 compressor.  While h.264 and .mp4 are fine for a final delivery product, they are NOT good for video editing of video backgrounds and motion graphics, as they are a highly compressed format.  So when you render out your final video, you will be compressing the background again, which can lead to artifacts in the motion graphic.

So this is why we use the QuickTime Photo-JPEG at 100% quality setting.

In addition, some companies provide the backgrounds at 30fps, which can cause some problems, depending on your editing software.

Since our video backgrounds and motion graphics are at a true 29.97 fps, you will NOT have any problems with our products.

So why do other companies use h.264 and .mp4 formats with their backgrounds?
It’s simple, by using these formats (h.264 and .mp4) they can create a very small file size.  By keeping the file size small, it makes it easier for them to upload and host on their website, as most website hosting companies will only offer you a limited amount of storage space for you website and all of the files.

File Size Difference between h.264 and QuickTime Photo-JPEG.
Here is an example of how much compression is done.  Using the same 10 second motion graphic you can see a huge difference in the file size.

10 Second Motion Graphic as a
QuickTime h.264/.mp4 – File size 31,364k
QuickTime Photo-JPEG 100%A – File size 194,488

The QuickTime Photo-JPEG at 100% quality setting, is 6.2x larger than the QuickTime h.264/.mp4 file size.

So as you can see, there is a LOT of file compression going on with the h.264/.mp4 format, which means there is some quality loss with those formats.

Labeling a Film Clapboard or Film Slate

We have written an article on How to Use a Film Clapboard.  Also known as a Clapperboard or Clapboard Slate.

In this article we explain how to use the Film Clapboard and what you should be writing on it to make the post production process easier.

One of the questions I am asked the most is, “I want to label the Film Clapboard with some type of lettering, what should I use?”

What we have used with success is with removable vinyl letters and numbers from Chartpak and are called  Pickett Design Vinyl Numbers/Letters Stickers, 3/4″, Black.  You can get them in other sized, but the 3/4 inch ones fit the best.

You can find them online at places like Amazon.com or at most office supply websites or store.  These letters are great for labeling the name of the Production, the Directory, the Camera operator and the Date.

For the Roll (also known as Tape or Media), Scene and the Take, you should use a vis-à-vis Wet Erase Pen, instead of a dry erase pen.  Even though the white Film Clapboards say you can use a Dry Erase pen, we have found that some brands will stain the Clapperboard.  This is why I prefer to use the Wet Erase Pens that we sell on the page with all of our Film Clapboard Slates.

If you are using the Clapboard as a decoration for the wall, which a lot of filmmakers and Videographers do.  Then in addition to using the ¾ inch letters, also pickup some 2 inch letters and number to use in the Roll, Scene, Take areas.

Here is the article on How to Use a Film Clapboard.

Mastering the Sony PMW-EX3 Training DVD – Special Sale

NOTE:  We are sold out of the DVD titled Mastering the Sony PMW-EX3.

We have made a special purchase of the Mastering the Sony PMW-EX3 instructional video DVD.  This is a 3 hour, in depth training video.  This video is also good for the Sony PMW-320 video camera.  We have a limited number of copies that we are selling at dealer cost of $34.95.


DSLR Camera Cage

Our new DSLR Camera Cage is designed to work most of the DSLR cameras on the market today. The DSLR camera cage protects you camera while shooting video or stills. Plus, it allows you mount microphones, LED video lights, LCD monitors, friction arms, sound recorders and other accessories to the DLSR Cage.

The DSLR Cage comes with a top handle and industry standard 15mm rails for mounting a matte box and/or follow focus controls.

The entire DSLR camera cage is made of aluminum and is hard anodized for durability. There is a total of 48 – 1/4-20 threaded mounting holes all over the DSLR Cage so you can mount what ever equipment you need to the DSLR Camera Cage.

On the bottom of the DSLR cage, is an opening for battery access on most DSLR cameras.

While other DSLR Camera Cages are designed to fit just one or two models of DSLR cameras, our DSLR Cage is designed to work with most DSLR cameras. This way, you don’t need to buy a new DSLR Cage if you should upgrade your DSLR camera.

The DSLR Cage has both 1/4-20 and 3/8-16 tripod mounting holes on the bottom so you can mount it on a tripod or a quick release plate.

When you purchase the DSLR Cage, you will receive a cage that is fully assembled. All you need to do is slide the rods into the bottom and tighten the thumb screws. Then simply attach the handle to the top with the two screws and Allen Wrench that we provide.

Please Note: Other companies do not assemble the DSLR cage before the ship it to you, so when you get theirs and you open up the box, you will find yourself with a box of parts and screws. We don’t think that is right, so this is why we assemble the cage ourselves.


Camera Lens Cup – A Cool Gift to give for the Holidays

Looking for the perfect gift for the photographer or videographer who has everything?  Then check out the Camera Lens Cup.  It’s only $8.99 from Studio 1 Productions.

The Camera Lens Cup looks like a real 24-105mm camera lens complete with a removable lens cover, because it is the exact same size of a 24-105mm camera lens.
It is made from food grade plastic, so it’s safe to drink from.  The Camera Lens cup can hold approximately 12 oz.

Ideal for soft drinks, milk, water, fruit juice, Ice-cream and more.  The Camera Lens Cup is for cold beverages only.

The Camera Lens Cup can also be used as a pen and pencil holder.

  • Looks like a real 24-105mm DSLR Camera Lens, but it’s a cup.
  • Holds approximately 12 oz. of cold liquid.
  • Do not use in a microwave.
  • For cold drinks only.
  • Hand wash only, so the camera lens cup marks don’t wear off.
  • Approximately 5 inches tall.
  • It’s a really cool novelty gift.

The Camera Lens Cup is an amazing gift for  your spouse, friends, colleagues and others for the up coming holidays.  Remember, it’s only $8.99!

User Review of our ProZoom for Panasonic video cameras.

ProZoom Panasonic Review  Date of Review: February 20, 2013
By: Karl Walter Keirstead
Product Name : ProZoom Panasonic
Supplier Name: www.Studio1Productions.com
Contact: 386 788 6075

Reviewer Status  I have no affiliation with Studio1Productions.

Overall Impressions  Excellent product, greatly improves workflow – could not find anything wrong with it. At $99, it’s a steal.
Ordering Processing  The supplier promptly filled my order and shipped the next day (I ordered on a Sunday night).
Packaging  The packing was adequate, shipments packed the same way should arrive without damage.
Instruction Sheet  The instruction sheet clearly describes the functionality.
Installation  The unit installs on a tripod handle with two long thumbscrews. The install plates are solid (metal).  I installed duct tape around the tripod handle to prevent the plates from removing surface paint on the handle.  The screws are easy to tighten/untighten.  I recommend progressive tightening followed by testing by trying gently to rotate the unit clockwise/counterclockwise. If there is no slip, do not over tighten.

All of the buttons are well-placed and of superior quality.   Left side for Focus, middle knob for Zoom (anticlockwise for W, clockwise for T), Right side for Iris.

Record  The button is well-positioned and very visible.   ZOOM  The dead zone is in the center, you hear a definite click.

Camera Setting,   ProZoom Switch Setting,   Override
Auto Zoom   Auto (up)   Camera
Manual (down)   ProZoom
Manual Zoom   Auto (up)   Camera
Manual (down)   Camera

As you dial clockwise or anticlockwise, the speed of zooming increases smoothly.  There is no bounce back either at W or at T.

FOCUS/ IRIS  The following summarizes the Focus/Iris actions with toggle switches up (auto) and down (manual)   FOCUS

Camera Setting,   ProZoom Switch Setting,   Override
Auto Focus   Auto (up)   Camera
Manual (down)   ProZoom
Manual Focus   Auto (up)   BLOCKED at ProZoom*
Manual (down)   ProZoom

*very useful, prevents inadvertent adjustment of Focus. But, guard against touching the wheel because if you switch out of auto to manual, you will probably jump to an unwanted focus setting.

Remotes have sensitive Focus wheels (the camera wheel is bigger, therefore easier to get a precise setting). Get used to the small wheels.

IRIS  Camera Setting,   ProZoom Switch Setting,   Override
Auto Iris   Auto (up)   *
Manual (down)   *
Manual Iris   Auto (up)   *
Manual (down)   ProZoom   *did not test

Cabling  The two cables are 5 feet in length. Bigger connector goes on top, smaller goes on below.  For tripod use, I reached the conclusion the cables would be best looped and tied with twist ties, one of which I put around the tripod arm. Make sure you include extra twist ties in your grab bag.   Notice how the wires are able to connect upward and can be looped around the battery down to the tripod handle.   For slider use, it would seem best to have one single coiled cable that splits into two at both ends. I don’t have a slider so I was not able to experiment or comment but it’s my understanding the usual setup finds the tripod in the middle of the slider, or at one end in some situations, so everything should be OK for both horizontal and vertical slides with five foot cables. You can buy extension cables from the supplier should you have a need to use say a 12 foot slider.

Internal Works  The unit under test was not a demo or sample. I ordered it for production use. I did not open the unit because it would invalidate the warranty.

This Review is posted at:  http://www.dvxuser.com/V6/showthread.php?302245-New-controller-for-Panasonic-Cameras-from-Studio-1-Productions

New Zoom Focus and Iris Controller for Panasonic Video Cameras

The Prozoom for Panasonic video cameras features larger control knobs, allow you to have a finer, more precise control over the zoom speed, focus and iris settings.  It also features a record/pause (or S/S Stop/Start) button.

As long as your Panasonic camera has the jacks for Focus/Iris and Zoom/SS as shown here, the ProZoom Pan will work with your video camera.

We built the ProZoom Pan using only the highest quality components and heavy duty push button switches and high end potentiometers to ensure precise control of your video camera.

Priced at only $119.95   For more information click here.