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Battery Charger for Sony Batteries

Charges Sony NP-F, NP-FH, NP-FV and NP-FM Series Batteries
That are used with most Sony Video Cameras, LED Video Lights and our HD 7" Monitor

Sony Battery Charger for NP-F NP-FH NP-FM Batteries Studio 1 Productions
It is a great replacement battery charger.

Battery Charger for Sony Batteries -- $12.99


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Sony Battery Charger Studio 1 Productions

The Sony battery charger is small and lightweight, making it easy to carry with you.

It will charge standard Sony NP-F, NP-FH, NP-FV and NP-FM types of batteries.

Note: We also sell Sony NP-F style batteries.

If you are purchasing one of our LED Video Lights or our LCD Monitor, then this is the charger that you would use for charging the battery.

There is an indicator light on the charger so you know when the battery is fully charged.

The battery charger weights only 4oz.

This is a great replacement battery charger.  We use this battery charger here at Studio 1 Productions to charge our Sony type batteries.

90 Day Warranty, 20 Day Return Policy.