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Cinematic Themes Volume 2 - Royalty Free Music

40 Tracks, Full Orchestra, with Variations on Select Tracks

Royalty Free Music From Studio 1 Productions
All music comes on a DVD-ROM and each music piece comes in both .WAV and .MP3 formats.

Music for Movies MusicElements

Cinematic Themes Vol. 2 -- $39.95

Sale $29.95
Item # MEMV2

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  • Package: Cinematic Themes Vol. 2
  • Quantity: 40 Tracks
  • Format: DVD-ROM (DVD-R Disk)
  • File Type: 24bit, 48k .wav files
  • File Type: 320kbs .mp3 files
  • Both .wav and .mp3 files are on the DVD.

Royalty Free Music License

Music Elements

The Demos below are a lower quality than what is on the DVD
Demo Each Track Track Description
Track 1 - Full Demo Drum roll opening. Short.
Track 2 - Full Demo Drum roll opening. Deeper fuller drums.
Track 3 - Full Demo Strings opening. Builds higher.
Track 4 - Full Demo Strings opening. Builds higher.
Track 5 - Full Demo Medium to quick. Action piece, with a light feel. Builds through out the piece.
Track 6 - Full Demo Light hearted, quirky, has an old horror comedy feel.
Track 7 - Full Demo Variation of 6.
Track 8 - Full Demo Variation of 6. Smoother variation, not quirky.
Track 9 - Full Demo Suspense with big opening. Tension building. Anticipating trouble. Very grand or powerful. Full orchestra. Horror/Tension ending.
Track 10 - Full Demo Suspense. Gives the feel like someone is sneaking up on someone. Very light.
Track 11 - Full Demo Comedy-chase. Upbeat.
Track 12 - Full Demo Variation of 11.
Track 13 - Full Demo Short transitional piece based on a variation of track 11.
Track 14 - Full Demo Light, suspenseful, even playful or fun.
Track 15 - Full Demo Variation of 14. A little less light.
Track 16 - Full Demo Another variation of 14
Track 17 - Full Demo Quick, full orchestra. Action or fun action piece.
Track 18 - Full Demo Variation of 17
Track 19 - Full Demo Upbeat fun action or fun suspense. Full orchestra.
Track 20 - Full Demo Variation of track 19.
Track 21 - Full Demo Additional variation of track 19.
Track 22 - Full Demo Jazzy, light and fun. Light action. Spiral strings.
Track 23 - Full Demo Fun piece, like someone sneaking around in a comedy. Orchestra
Track 24 - Full Demo Variation of track 23.
Track 25 - Full Demo Additional variation of track 23.
Track 26 - Full Demo Full orchestra. Dramatic to the light action side. Has an expectation feel.
Track 27 - Full Demo Variation of track 26.
Track 28 - Full Demo Additional variation of track 26.
Track 29 - Full Demo Orchestra. Light feeling. Has an expectation feel. Mysterious feel.
Track 30 - Full Demo Variation of track 29.
Track 31 - Full Demo Additional variation of track 29.
Track 32 - Full Demo Orchestra. Running or escaping. Quick pace with punctuation points.
Track 33 - Full Demo Variation of track 32.
Track 34 - Full Demo Variation of track 32. Has a darker feel.
Track 35 - Full Demo Transitional piece from track 32.
Track 36 - Full Demo A Music Box.
Track 37 - Full Demo Variation of track 36.
Track 38 - Full Demo Light feel, a clarinet. For a light comedy surprise or someone sneaking.
Track 39 - Full Demo Variation of track 38, slightly faster.
Track 40 - Full Demo Music Box. Very light happy feel.

Royalty Free Music License

Royalty free music is used by film, video and multimedia producers worldwide. These producers rely on royalty free music to provide them with high quality music at a low affordable price. This helps by keeping production costs down, while still maintaining high production values.

Royalty free music is also being used in a wide variety of films -- both major film productions and independent film productions. Even television networks are using royalty free music in all types of productions, including sports, dramas, news type shows and comedies.

Royalty Free Music

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What Is Your Refund Policy On Music?
We have provided online demos for each music volume. There are NO refunds on music (or stock footage, software and animations) since they can be copied to a hard drive and still used in a production after the masters have been returned. This is why we provide online demos. Defective items will items will be exchanged for the EXACT same item. There are NO exceptions to this policy.