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Christmas Classics - Royalty Free Music


This music is ideal for movies, commercials,  documentaries, or  video productions.
Royalty Free Music From Studio 1 Productions
All music comes on a DVD-ROM and each music piece comes in both .WAV and .MP3 formats.

Christmas Music Royalty Free

Christmas Classics -- Regular $39.95

Sale $14.95
Item # MEXMC

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  • Package: Christmas Classics
  • Quantity: 53 Tracks
  • Format: DVD-ROM (DVD-R Disk)
  • File Type: 24bit, 48k .wav files
  • File Type: 320kbs .mp3 files
  • Both .wav and .mp3 files are on the DVD.

Royalty Free Music License

Music Elements

The Demos below are a lower quality than what is on the DVD
Demo Each Track Track Description
Track 1 Away in a Manger - 1A
Track 2 Away in a Manger - 1B
Track 3 Away in a Manger - 2
Track 4 Away in a Manger - 3
Track 5 Deck the Halls - A
Track 6 Deck the Halls - B
Track 7 Deck the Halls - C
Track 8 First Noel - 1A
Track 9 First Noel - 1B
Track 10 First Noel - 2
Track 11 First Noel - 3
Track 12 God Rest You Merry - 1A
Track 13 God Rest You Merry - 1B
Track 14 God Rest You Merry - 2
Track 15 God Rest You Merry - 3
Track 16 Hark the Herald Angles - 1A
Track 17 Hark the Herald Angles - 1B
Track 18 Hark the Herald Angles - 2
Track 19 Hark the Herald Angles - 3
Track 20 Hark the Herald Angles - 4
Track 21 Jingle Bells - 1A
Track 22 Jingle Bells - 1B
Track 23 Jingle Bells - 2A
Track 24 Jingle Bells - 2B
Track 25 Jingle Bells - 3A
Track 26 Jingle Bells - 3B
Track 27 Jingle Bells - 4A
Track 28 Jingle Bells - 4B
Track 29 Jingle Bells - 4C
Track 30 Midnight Clear - 1A
Track 31 Midnight Clear - 1B
Track 32 Midnight Clear - 1C
Track 33 Midnight Clear - 2A
Track 34 Midnight Clear - 2B
Track 35 Midnight Clear - 2C
Track 36 Midnight Clear - 3A
Track 37 Midnight Clear - 3B
Track 38 Midnight Clear - 3C
Track 39 O Christmas Tree - 1A
Track 40 O Christmas Tree - 1B
Track 41 O Christmas Tree - 1C
Track 42 O Christmas Tree - 1D
Track 43 O Christmas Tree - 2A
Track 44 O Christmas Tree - 2B
Track 45 O Christmas Tree - 2C
Track 46 O Christmas Tree - 3
Track 47 O Christmas Tree - 4
Track 48 O Christmas Tree - 5
Track 49 Silent Night - 1A
Track 50 Silent Night - 1B
Track 51 Silent Night - 2
Track 52 Silent Night - 3
Track 53 Silent Night - 4

Royalty Free Music License

Royalty free music is used by film, video and multimedia producers worldwide. These producers rely on royalty free music to provide them with high quality music at a low affordable price. This helps by keeping production costs down, while still maintaining high production values.

Royalty free music is also being used in a wide variety of films -- both major film productions and independent film productions. Even television networks are using royalty free music in all types of productions, including sports, dramas, news type shows and comedies.

Royalty Free Music

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What Is Your Refund Policy On Music?
We have provided online demos for each music volume. There are NO refunds on music (or stock footage, software and animations) since they can be copied to a hard drive and still used in a production after the masters have been returned. This is why we provide online demos. Defective items will items will be exchanged for the EXACT same item. There are NO exceptions to this policy.