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LED Video Light - The Pro 300

Fully Dimmable.  Perfect for Video and DSLR cameras.

Dimmable LED DSLR Light and for Camcorders
Weights only 4.5 oz.!
USA Warranty

Pro 300 LED Video Camera Light
Special Price -- Only $34.95

Item # LED300


LED Video Light Menu

Each LED video camera light features 56 super bright LEDs, with an effective light throw of up to 15ft.  The Pro 300 features an ON/OFF Dimmer switch, allowing you to control the amount of light you need.  This is something not usually found on lower price LED Video Lights.  The Pro 300 LED Video Light works with Video Cameras and DSLR Cameras.

The LED 300 Video Light Includes:
1 - Pro 300 LED Video Light
1 - White Diffuser
1 - CTO Diffuser
1 - 3200K Diffuser

With the Pro 300 LED Video Light, you use just 3 standard AA batteries for approximately 2.5 to 3 hours of light.

You can also use rechargeable AA batteries.  When doing so, we recommend using Nickel Metal Hydride Batteries (NiMH).  These batteries come with different capacities.  When buying NiMH batteries, it is best to by the ones with the highest mAh rating.  For example, you may find NiMH batteries that are rated at 2000mAh and other at 2500mAh.  Buy the 2500mAh or higher batteries as they will last 20%+ longer.  Remember, the higher the mAh rating, the longer they will last.

Very Light Weight
The Pro 300 LED video light is extremely light weight.  It weights 4.5 oz. without batteries and 6.5 oz. with the 3 AA batteries.

Color Temperature
The PRO 300 LED video light has a color temperature of approximately 5400k.  It also comes with a 3200k diffuser and at CTO filter for shooting under fluorescent lights.

It also comes with a white diffuser to help remove any harsh lighting effects when you are close up.

Remember, to always white balance your video camera when using any LED video light.


  • 56 super bright LED's
  • Uses standard AA Batteries - Batteries are NOT Included.
  • Shoe-mount compatible with all Pro & Consumer video camcorders and DSLR cameras
  • Works with standard 4 x 3 and HD 16 x 9 format
  • Lightweight design - only 4.5oz
  • Approx. 400+ lux at 1 Meter (We measured the light to be 411 Lux at 1 Meter)
  • Effective distance - up to 15 feet
  • Approx. 2.5 to 3 hours running time
  • Fully dimmable for adjusting the mount of light output.
  • Power On/Off/Dimmer Switch
  • Uses ultra-efficient LED technology – average life of over 50,000 hours!
  • Safe to the touch - does not get hot
  • Flicker free
  • Dimensions 4.25" x 4.50" x 1.75" including shoe mount
    (LED Area is 3.25" x 2.50" x 1.85")
  • The LED video light will not run on AC, it only runs on battery.

The Pro 300 LED Video Light uses 56 super bright LED's with an approx. output of 300 Lumens (400 Lux at 1 meter).  This video light is fully dimmable so you can adjust it for the amount of light you need.

Perfect for small video cameras and DSLR cameras.  This light is also great for times when you need to light small places like a car interior.

The LED Video Light comes with three diffusers, a white diffuser, CTO diffuser and a 3200k diffuser.  As shown below.

LED Video Light with Filters

The Pro 300 LED Video Light runs on 3 standard AA batteries as shown below.

LED video light battery compartment

Batteries are NOT Included.
Picture is shown with the Battery Cover Removed.
Power On/Off/Dimmer Switch is to the left of the batteries.

Each LED Video Light has been Tested at Studio 1 Productions Prior to Shipping to the Customer.

20 Day Return Policy.
180 Day (6 Month) USA Warranty