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LED Video Lights for Video Cameras, Camcorders and DSLR Cameras

LED Video Lights
The video lights that we sell have been customized for Studio 1 Productions and they have a USA Warranty directly through Studio 1 Productions.

Our lights can be used on camera or mounted on a light stand or tripod.

Each LED video light use high powered, super bright LEDs with a minimum 65 degree angle light throw.  This makes the light useable with a 16 x 9 HD video format.  All of the LED Video Lights that we carry are dimmable, so you can adjust the brightness of the video light.  In addition, they have accurate specs. We will explain why this is important further down below.

Every video light is tested before it goes on the shelf to be sold, so you know you will get a working LED Video Light when you purchase from us and we randomly check the specs on the each LED light to make sure the haven't changed.

Also, the pictures of the video light is an accurate representation of the Video Light.  Why would I bring that up, I will explain that below.

Why are the specs and photos so important?
Product Photos - There are some resellers that will use a photo of a LED video light and when you order, you get a light that looks similar, but it does not look like what you ordered or it may have a different mounting attachment

Product Specs - A lot of the manufacturers produce different versions of their video lights to be sold under different brand names with different specs.

Here is an example, ABC manufacturer produces an LED camcorder video light with 140 led bulbs.  They make two versions of this light, both are called VL-140.  One version has a 600 lux output rating and is priced at $75.  The other version has an 850 lux rating and is priced at $100.

These led video lights look identical.  When a dealer or distributor orders one of these VL-140's he has to specify if they want the 600 lux version or the 850 lux version.

When the VL-140 is being sold under different brand names, some brand names will be selling only the 600 lux version, while different brand names will be selling the 850 lux version.

In other cases, the manufacturer will change the housings slightly, but the internal electronics will be the same.

Now here is the big problem.
A lot of resellers just want to move products, so they don't really care if the specs are correct or not.  They will just copy the specs from another reseller.

Using the example above, what happens a lot of times is, one  reseller 1 will order the 600 lux version of the LED Video Light  and reseller 2 will order the 850 lux version.

Since they look the same, even though the specs are different, reseller 1 will use the specs from the video light that reseller 2 is using since they are better.

Some times this is done on purpose, while other times it may be a mistake if they copied the specs from another resellers website.

So, now you have two resellers offering the VL-140.  One is selling the 600 lux version for $75, but the specs incorrectly state is it 850 lux.  While the other reseller is offering the VL-140 with the 850 lux output for $100.

The problem is YOU don't know that the first reseller is really selling the 600 lux version.  All you know is the specs look the same, but there is a $25 price difference.

This happens a lot, as resellers will copy the specs from other resellers thinking they are correct.  While some resellers will knowingly use the better specs on the version that has lower specs.

Even the manufacturer will have incorrect specs listed with their products, as they are in a hurry to get the product out to the market or they make changes to the product in mid-production.  We have seen this first hand.  So even if you check the manufacturer's website, the specs may not be correct.

So why do we, at Studio 1 Productions, care so much about this?
We run an honest company. We are videographers ourselves and we know the products that we sell because we use them ourselves.  We check the specs on the LED Video Lights before we list the specs.  This way  we know we are providing accurate specs for each DSLR or camcorder LED Video Light we sell.

We work directly with the manufacturer's and our lights are customize for us and our specs are accurate for the video lights that we sell.

You may see an LED Video Light that looks like the ones we are offering, but remember the specs the other companies are quoting may not be accurate.  The specs we list are correct for the version of the video light we are offering.