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DSLR Focus Lever and Zoom Lever

For DSLR and Video Cameras

Focus Lever for DSLR Camera
Fits any lens ring area that is up to 14" in diameter.

Focus / Zoom Lever 1 -- $14.99
Item # FZLever1


The Zoom or Focus Levers is adjustable in size and completely reusable.  It offers a long lever arm for an easier reach and a more precise control over the focus or zoom ring on the lens.  Not only will the Focus Lever give you a more precise control, but you can easily do whip zooms or whip focus shots.  There is no problem using two of the Focus Zoom levers on your camera, one for the focus ring and one for the zoom ring.  No tools are required.

Focus Lever Demo Video

To install, simply wrap the strap around the focus or lens ring on the camera and pull tight.  Once you have it tight, simply screw the lever down until it is tight against the strap.  To remove, simply unscrew the lever a few turns and the strap will loosen so you can pull it off.  This will fit any focus or zoom rings that are up to 14" in diameter.  The width of the band is 1/4".

Focus Lever for DSLR Camera Lens

Focus Lever DSLR

Video Camera Focus Lever

1 Year Warranty, 20 Day Money Back Guarantee

Warranty does not apply to failure of the product resulting from misuse, abuse, accident, neglects or mishandling.

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