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3.5mm Audio Extension Cables

3.5mm Audio Extension Cable Studio 1 Productions

3.5mm Extension Cable -- $3.99
Item # 35EXT


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3.5mm (1/8") Extension Cable 10 ft. length

This is a shielded 3.5mm audio Extension Cable that can be used with XLR adapters, headphones, microphones, speakers, etc.  It has a 3.5mm Male plug on one end with a 3.5mm Female jack on the other.

3.5mm is the same as a 1/8" Jack or Plug.

If you need a longer cable for your XLR Audio Adapter, then this is the cable you want to get.  It is fully shielded allowing you to have a longer run with your audio cable.

This extension cable can also be used with microphones.  Let's say you have a microphone with a 3.5mm or 1/8 inch plug on the end, but the cable on the microphone isn't long enough.  That's where the 3.5mm extension cable comes in.  You can simply plug in the microphone cable to the extension cable and you now have an additional 10ft of cable so you can connect your microphone back to a video camera or other audio device.

Sometimes headphones don't come with a long enough cable, so this is where this cable can help you.  Just attach it to the 3.5mm plug on the headphone you now have an additional 10ft of cable length.

You can connect multiple cables together to achieve longer cable lengths for headphones and speakers.

For microphones, you can connect multiple cables together, however, depending on the environment you are in, you may introduce noise into the audio with long cable runs.