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With a Studio 1 Productions XLR Adapter you can connect to professional microphones
and pro audio equipment for the best audio possible.

XLR Adapter the XLR-BP Basic
The XLR-BP™ Basic
2 Input XLR Adapter - Basic
XLR Adapter the XLR-BP Pro for a Camcorder
The XLR-BP™ Professional
2 Input XLR Adapter
XLR Adapter the XLR-BP 3 Pro for a Video Camera
The XLR-BP 3™ Professional
3 Input XLR Adapter

XLR Mix Adapter
The XLR-Mix™ Pro
XLR Adapter

XLR Adapter Cable with Transformer
XLR Adapter Cable
The Studio 1 Productions XLR  Adapters work all video cameras and DSLR cameras that have a standard 1/8" microphone jack.  Each XLR adapter is Made in the USA, right here in Florida. The Studio 1 Productions XLR adapters have been designed by audio professionals and videographers.
We offer several models of XLR adapters and we have a basic XLR adapter cable that has a transformer for balancing the audio.

XLR Adapter Feature Chart

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XLR Adapter, XLR Adapters, XLR Audio Adapter, Dual XLR Inputs to Mini Plug
XLR Adapter for DSLR Cameras and Camcorders

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