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SkyPod 2

A Mono Pod that extends from 3ft. to 10ft.     Get those great high shots.

10 ft monopod SkyPod
Extends from 3ft to 10ft

Camcorder Monopod 10ft


We brought the SkyPod 2 out with a few changes from our original SkyPod.  The SkyPod 2 collapse to 3ft now, making more portable.  In addition, it has a new style tripod head with a quick release plate and bubble level.

The SkyPod 2 will make it easy to shoot over a crowd of people, such as on the side lines of a football game or soccer game.  It's also great for shooting Real Estate Video, for showing the home off at different angles or any time you want a shot from a high angle.

So how do you monitor the video?  Well you have a couple of ways.

First, depending on the how high you extend the SkyPod, you can usually tilt the LCD screen down so you can see what you are video taping.

Second, you can use an external monitor to see what you are video taping.

The SkyPod 2 is light weight, it's only 2 pounds.

While the SkyPod 2 will handle a video camera up to 6 pounds, we really recommend it for small video cameras (such as the one shown below) and DSLR cameras.

When using the SkyPod 2 we always recommend use two hands on the SkyPod for best stability.

Video Camera 10 Ft Mono Pod SkyPod

Quantities are Limited

90 Day Warranty, 20 Day Return Policy

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Customer Comments:

"I used the SkyPod 2 this past weekend and I must say this sure does allow you to shoot over crowds.  I was at a BMX bike race and there were a lot of people I needed to shoot over.  This did the job perfectly and shooting from the high angle really produced some incredible video."  Bob Wise, St. Paul. Min.

"I took the SkyPod with me on a shoot where I need a monopod to help steady the camera.  I started playing around with it shooting at different heights.  I really liked the high shots.  It gave me the feel that I was shooting from a jib at that height.  I also like the fact that it is light weight, making easy to travel with.  I just placed an order for a second one."  Jamie Carver, Internet Email.

"Great mono pod / skypod.  I have been using to shoot soccer games on the side lines.  It sure is great shoot over everyone's head.  I have a 7" monitor attached to the pole so I can see what is going on and I have one of your zoom controllers controlling the camera.  I hope you guys sell a million of them, they are great."  C. K. Wise, Reading, Pa.