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HandsOn HDV - Sony HVR-Z1U and HDR-FX1 Camcorders

A Complete Instructional Video Guide to the
Sony HVR-Z1U and HDR-FX1 Video Cameras

Hands On Sony HVR-Z1U HDR-FX1 Instructional Video DVD
Run time: 100 Minutes, NTSC, English

HandsOn HDV Sony Z1U & FX1
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Handson HDV Sony Z1U FX1

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"A Complete Guide to Shooting with the Sony HVR-Z1U & FX1" is the easiest way to learn both the fundamentals and advanced features of these camcorders.

This 100-minute DVD workshop includes tutorials, step-by-step examples, and detailed instructions covering the most important aspects of camera setup, menus, shooting techniques, exposure, picture profiles, time-code, assign buttons, shutter speed, special effects, color correction, camera profiles, audio, white balance, and more. This DVD will pay for itself many times over by saving you hours of time figuring out things on your own.

This is a completely independent production with no participation, sponsorship, input, or approval from Sony -- so it delivers unbiased information and professional advice that can't be found in the owner's manual.

Like all Vortex Media training DVDs, this workshop has been carefully researched, planned and scripted (not presented as "live" or ad lib). This DVD was produced by professionals with years of broadcast-level experience who have the knowledge to recognize what's important about the Z1U and how to teach it without getting bogged down in jargon or unnecessary technical details.

This DVD is a "must-see" for any HDV owner who wants detailed explanations, examples, tutorials, tips, advice, and features explained to them in simple no-nonsense terms.

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This DVD covers:

  • Chapter: Introduction
  • Chapter: HDV Overview
  • Chapter: Camcorder Overview
  • Chapter: The Main Menu
  • Chapter: Recording & Output Formats
  • Chapter: Cineframe and Cinematone
  • Chapter: Playback and VCR Functions
  • Chapter: Color Correction
  • Chapter: Zoom
  • Chapter: Focus
  • Chapter: Time-Code
  • Chapter: Monitor & Viewfinder Displays
  • Chapter: Exposure
  • Chapter: White Balance
  • Chapter: Shutter
  • Chapter: Zebra and Peaking
  • Chapter: Assign Buttons
  • Chapter: Personal Menu
  • Chapter: Picture Profiles
  • Chapter: Audio
  • Chapter: Shot Transition
  • Chapter: Steadyshot

"A Complete Guide to the Z1U & FX1 Camcorders" was shot entirely in HDV with Z1 and FX1 camcorders, edited with FCP, and output in 16x9 SD for the DVD. Throughout the video, a variety of video shooting modes are demonstrated and explained, including Cineframe 24, CinemaTone, and customized Picture Profiles.

This is not a bench-top demonstration or in-studio camera review. It is an in-depth training video with shooting done by professionals with years of ENG/EFP broadcast shooting experience. Shooting took place over a four week period in many locations of the country, under different conditions, indoors, outdoors, lit, natural light, sports, b-roll, interview setups, and in-studio, to give as much variety as possible to the demonstrations and examples.

An EXTRAS folder is included on the DVD with several exclusive documents, including: A detailed reference chart that outlines every customizable setting of all six of the default Picture Profiles so you can compare them and see the differences. Also included is a comparison chart of the major differences between the Z1 and the FX1. Some features discussed in the video only apply to the Z1 and this chart helps identify those differences.

This 100 minute DVD will tell you everything you'll need to know to get up and running quickly with either of the Sony HDV pro camcorders. All of the essential features and functions are covered in detail.

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