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HD Video Camera Shoulder Brace
For Video Cameras and DSLR Cameras

Video Camera Shoulder Brace
Used by CBS, NBC, CNN, Fox, PBS, the Marines, the Army, the
Air Force, TV News Crews, Film Schools, Filmmakers and
Videographers around the world.

100% Made In The USA!

HD Shoulder Brace -- $179.95
Item # HDSB2

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The HD Camera Shoulder Brace is a fully adjustable for comfortable shooting in many situations.

  • The video camera or DSLR camera can be moved forwards and backwards on the rails and locked into position.

  • The video camera or DSLR camera can be adjusted up or down so the camera is at the correct height for you.

  • We are the only company to offer a camera mounting plate that allows you to adjust the video camera or DSLR camera left or right.  This is important, as it allows you to place the viewfinder or LCD monitor right where you need it to be for the best viewing.

  • All of the adjustments are done with out any tools.  You simply loosen or tighten the thumbscrews to make adjustments.

  • The HD Camera Shoulder Brace has a foam pad for a comfortable fit while it is resting on your shoulder.

The HD Shoulder Brace allows you to bring the camera in close to your body where it belongs. Once in close, your arms are tucked under the camera and locked in position for even greater support. Or, you can move the camera further out when using the LCD screen to monitor the video.

New Features On the HD Shoulder Brace
Our unique camera mounting plate, allows you move the position forward and backwards on the stainless steel guide rails, but you can move the camera from side to side allowing you to better position the camera's viewfinder or LCD screen in front of you.

Camcorder Shoulder Brace Mounting Plate

Another new feature on the HD Shoulder Brace is a dual position of the guide rails. You can now move the guide rails to the left or right, this allows you to move the camera even further in front you. For most people this won't be necessary, as the camera mounting plate will allow for enough positioning. However, since we did have a few requests for this feature we added it to the  HD Shoulder Braces.

Adjustment Rails on the Video Camera Shoulder Brace

The HD Shoulder Braces now offer adjustable handle positioning. You now have the choice of two handle positions, depending on your tastes. Simply unscrew the handle and screw it back into the other mounting hole.

Handle Positions on the Video Camera Shoulder Brace

In addition you can also remove the handle,  allowing you to hold the camera with two handle, like a full size camera, with the shoulder brace resting against your body.

NOTE: Camera shoulder braces allow you to "shoulder mount" the smaller cameras for better support. The shoulder brace will NOT give you the ability to let go of the camera and have it hang from your shoulder.

The HD Shoulder Brace is completely adjustable for stable handheld shots with any camcorder.

1 Year Warranty, 20 Day Return Policy.

Studio 1 Productions Customers

Made in the USA

Video Camera Shoulder Brace
(Video Camera and woman not included with the HD Shoulder Brace)

Video Camera Shoulder Brace also for DSLR Cameras

Video Camera Shoulder Mount


  • Completely adjustable for stable handheld shots with any camcorder.
  • Shoot steady and professional digital video images.
  • Camcorder sits comfortably with foam padded shoulder rest.
  • High Quality all aluminum and stainless steel construction with detachable handle.
  • 1/4-20 tripod mounting hole that fits all camcorders.
  • The HD Shoulder brace is one of many accessories that Studio 1 Productions offer.

The Studio 1 ProZoom Digital Zoom Controller (sold separately) can be easily attached to the handle for complete camera control. (As seen below}

Camcorder Shoulder Brace with optional LANC Controller
Lanc Controller on Shoulder Brace
Zoom controllers are sold separately.
Lanc Zoom Controllers



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