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Jib Arm / Camera Crane

An 8 ft. Jib Arm that's Portable and Easy to Setup

Jib Arm 8 ft.

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The DV Jib Arm has been designed to meet the demands of today's videographers. It's perfect for wedding videographers, documentary producers, music video productions or for anyone who has the need for a jib arm.

The DV Jib Arm requires NO tools to assemble and it breaks down into two 4ft sections. Setup is easy and it takes less than 3 minutes. It comes in two 4ft sections. The two sections couple together and are secured using the thumb screws provided.

Next, wrap the cable around the two pulleys. Then mount the Jib Arm to the tripod head. Your are now ready to mount your camera and start using your Jib Arm. We made it that easy.

Now you are ready to start creating those dramatic jib arm shots that you see in almost every film. You've seen them, it's shots like the ones that start high in the air and lower to the ground, all the while focused on the subject or object. Another shot done with a jib arm that you've probably seen is where the camera is focused on two people talking, then they turn and walk away from the camera as the camera raises up in the air to provide a wide shot of them walking away.

Dramatic shots like these can be achieved with the DV Jib Arm. By using series of pulleys and cables, the DV Jib Arm allows you to either keep the camera at the same level as you raise or lower it. Or, you can tilt the camera angle while you raise or lower the Jib Arm.

The DV Jib Arm is constructed from aircraft aluminum to keep it lightweight (it's only 8.5 pounds), yet very durable. We use only oil impregnated bearings for a smoother operation. The DV Jib Arm has mounting holes for both the standard 1/4-20 thread and 3/8".

The DV Jib Arm breaks down into 4ft section making it very easy to transport. Plus, you won't need to take along a bunch of tools to assemble or dis-assemble like you have to do with other jibs.

Operation of the DV Jib Arm is simple. To tilt the camera simply tilt the tripod head as shown in the picture to the right. You can tilt the camera while raising or lowering the jib. If you want to pan, simply swing the jib to the right or the left on top of the tripod head. The camera will maintain the angle you have it set for while raising or lowering the jib arm OR you can change the angle while raising or lowering the jib arm. (This is not something you can do with some other jibs) You can also adjust the angle of the video camera while the jib arm is stationary.

For raising and lowering the DV Jib Arm you simply hold onto the handle bars to raise it or lower it. You can even add standard barbells weights for counter balance weights. Simply slide them over the handle bars as shown in the picture on the below.

Jib Arm Handles
(Make sure your tripod can handle the extra weight from the counter balance weights). Weights, Tripod and operator not included.

There is room at the handle bar area to add one of our ProZoomâ„¢ Controllers for remote control of the camera.

The DV Jib Arm is 8ft long and your video camera attaches to the top mounting plate via the standard 1/4-20 screw. It attaches just like you attach a camera to a tripod.

The DV Jib Arm supports video cameras up to 9 pounds. As it was designed for today's smaller HD, HDV, Mini-DV, Hi-8 and Digital-8 camcorders such as the DVX-100, PD-150/170, VX-2000/2100, GL-1, GL-2, TRV-900, XL-1, XL2, Sony HDV HDR-FX1, Z1U and many other video and film cameras.

We recommend that you use the DV Jib Arm only with a professional heavy duty tripod that can support the weight of the jib arm, camcorder and any other video equipment you attach to it.

We only ship the Jib Arm within the USA and Canada.
The Jib Arm is shipped in a separate box from any other item you are ordering. The Jib Arm is shipped in a box that UPS and Fed-Ex considers oversized, so shipping costs are high, especially with 2 Day and Next Day Air shipments. 15% Restocking Fee. No refunds if there are any scratches, labels, decals, cuts, marks, scrapes or any other damage or wear to the jib arm. We have had some problems in this area. Thank you for your understanding.

Tripod and Camera NOT Included.
You will need a tripod with a head that can handle 9 pounds (the weight of the Jib) plus the weight of your camera.

Jib Arm Camera Crane
Tripod and Camera NOT Included

Camera Crane DV Jib Arm
Use either the handle bars to balance the jib arm

or you can use standard barbell weights.
Weights Not Included

Camera Crane Jib Arm
The DV Jib Arm Mounts directly to the tripod head or to a quick release plate on your tripod.  Tripod Not Included

Jib Arm with camera

Jib Arm low angle shot

The DV Jib Arm is easy to use camera support for creating awesome looking video and film shots.
Tripod and Camera NOT Included

The DV Jib Arm Features

  • DV Jib Arm Weighs 8.5 pounds
  • Requires no tools to assemble
  • Camera can be tilted from tripod head and you can pan the jib arm
  • Camera maintains angle as you raise and lower the jib arm
  • Also, you can adjust the angle of the camera while raising and lower the jib arm or while it is stationary
  • 8 feet in length.
  • Breaks down into two 4 foot sections, easily transported
  • All aluminum construction with heavy duty, oil impregnated bearings for smooth operation.
  • Supports cameras up to 9 pounds.
  • Ideal for today's HD, HDV and MiniDV video cameras
  • The DV Jib Arm Mounts directly to a heavy duty tripod (required & not included) for steady, professional looking jib moves
  • Easily attach standard barbell weights for a counter balance style jib arm

REQUIRES A HEAVY DUTY TRIPOD - Which is - Something that can handle the weight of the DV Jib, which is 9 pounds, plus the weight of your camera.

Studio 1 Productions Made In USA
1 Year Warranty, 20 Day Money Back Guarantee!

Studio 1 Customers

Customer Comments:

"I am using a Canon 60D DSLR camera with your jib along with the 7" LCD Monitor you have.  This combination works great.  The shots I am able to create are absolutely stunning.  I really like the fact that the Jib Arm is so well built.  It's rugged and has a great finish to it.  What more can I say, but this is a great product for any videographer."  Jason Foster, Tempe, AZ.

"After using the DV Jib on several jobs, I had to drop you a line and tell you how pleased I am with it.  I shoot with a Panasonic HMC-40 and HMC-150, and they both work great with the Jib.  I was impressed with how quickly you can setup and break it down.  No tools needed for assembly is great.  I really impressed my clients with the shots I was able to obtain with the Jib.  And I was impressed with how easy it was to obtain the shots!"  Zack Tyler, Denver, CO.

"I am a very happy owner of your DV Jib Arm. I was amazed at how easy it was to assemble. It takes me less than two minutes and I love the fact that I don't need to worry about having tools with me. This is something that you can't do with other jibs." Robert Conway, Internet Email

"At the last Sundance Film Festival I saw someone filming during the festival. They were using the Panasonic DVX-100 and this jib arm. They said they were using the DV Jib arm from Studio 1 with the Studio 1 ProZoom DVX. After watching him use it for a few shots, I knew I had to get one. I ordered as soon as I got back and I have been using on several shoots. I am very impressed with both the ProZoom DVX and the DV Jib. If anyone is a serious videographer or filmmaker working with the DVX-100, they really need both of these items. Great stuff." Mark Bowman, Hollywood, CA

"I am blown away with this Jib. It is incredible! The shots that you can get with it are unbelievable. I love the fact that it takes only 2 minutes to set it up. I was amazed at how solid and well made it is, you guys could charge double the price for it. This has got to be one of the best pieces of equipment that I own." Cory Baker, Internet Email

"What a great product! Your DV Jib works like a champ. I only wished I would have purchased it sooner. I have been working on a documentary film for the last few months. I knew having a jib would be helpful, but since I got the jib, I have been thinking about going back and reshooting a few scenes. The shots I am able to produce are just in creditable and I feel that I could improve my production with some jib shots. Once again great product, very well built and solid." Harrison Banks, Las Vegas, NV

"Absolutely Fantastic! Easy to setup right out of the box. After reading the directions, it took me less then 3 minutes to setup. I used it on a job this past week and I was able to get some really incredible shots. I was able to get fluid movement with every shot I used it for. When I showed the raw footage to the client, he was really excited about the jib shots. Because of this, he gave me the go ahead to start working on another promo video for him. He wants me to incorporate more jib shots into the new video." Darren Cohen, Milwaukee WI.

"The DV Jib Arm is one of my best purchases I've made in a long time. I shoot with an XL-1s and I needed a jib arm that was portable, yet could handle the XL-1. I saw your DV Jib Arm in action at a local theater company and I was really impressed by the quality of the construction, the heavy gauge material you are using, easy of use and the price. I immediately ordered one and it arrived a few days later. So far I have used on several projects and it works great. It has no problem handling the weight of the XL-1s with an Anton-Bauer battery. I was also impressed at how quickly it can be setup and taken down without the need for any tools. (I want you to know that I had purchased a cheaper jib arm from another company and I was very disappoint. That jib was poorly constructed, it would flex with even a 5 pound camera and you couldn't tilt the camera while you were raising or lowering the jib, even though they claimed you could. I learned quickly that you get what you pay for!) I have been recommending your jib to other videographers, it is simply the best." Terry Walker, Internet Email